2019 – It’s a wrap!

WHAT A YEAR 2019 has been for Embridge Consulting.

It’s our biggest yet with oodles to share and shout about. So find yourself a comfy chair, make yourself a cuppa and settle back for the Embridge 2019 catch up.

As we draw the year to a close and begin to scroll through the catalogue of achievements, gargantuan growth and landmark events we have accomplished throughout 2019, we can hardly contain our excitement for what 2020 might bring.

Let’s start with the huge investment we have made in our troops this year:

Trevor Nash – U4BW Training consultant
Fiona Powell – U4BW Training consultant
Paul Walton –  Managed ERP team

Louise Barlow – Managed ERP team
Jeremy Slater – Project Management Officer
Nigel Pratt – U4BW Consultancy
Graeme Wright – U4BW Consultancy


Johann Mulder – U4BW Consultancy

Wojciech Gregorkiewicz – Managed ERP team
Tim Adams – Global Learning & Development

Mark Harris – Sales & Marketing Manager
Newton Brandao – Managed ERP team


Dan Chilton – Head of Professional services

Whoa Neddy! 13 (unlucky for some, but not us!) sparkly, new, super duper experts through the Embridge doors equates to a whopping 54% increase of bums on seats since the beginning of the year. And what a range of skills we have secured ourselves, with our biggest investments happening within our Managed ERP team and our U4BW Consultancy delivery along with some further recruiting within other key areas of growth this year.

It’s not a vicious rumour that we are mighty fussy about the calibre of people we take on board. Building the right team is at the heart of what we do and an ongoing process as we continue to grow year on year. The company is only as good as it’s people and we take great care to ensure that we keep mixing and matching across the board to get the right measure of skills, personalities, experience and knowledge.

With a task force ranging from age 19 – 60+, what better way is there to share the innovation and fresh approach of the young with the expertise and wisdom of our jedi masters to keep us at the top of our game?

With a good measure of passion and the desire to ‘be the best’ thrown into the mix, The Embridge team can now boast an incredible in-house specialist team of the highest calibre and we are super proud to celebrate our fantastically diverse, uber cool, gloriously geeky, boxing clever, fun loving gang.

As we move into a new year, maintaining and growing the best team that we can will remain high on the agenda.

Business achievements

This year saw the launch of our precious baby, EVA (Embridge Value Accelerator). A unique SMART solution born out of the desire to provide our customers with a packaged solution that can deliver great results quickly and inexpensively. The team have been working tirelessly on this innovative solution that we think will revolutionise future ERP implementations.

EVA is currently being deployed in a number of organisations with fantastic results. The feedback generated so far is the proof in the pudding that we are onto a winner. An impressive time and cost saving solution that fast tracks implementation whilst delivering a ‘best practice’ employee experience for our customers is getting us all a bit hot under the collar with anticipation. As we begin to rack up the EVA victories, we are genuinely excited to be able to share the love of our shiny, new, clever, off the shelf customisation tool.

Alongside the EVA project, our Smart Solutions team have also been busily beavering away to launch our Early Adoption Programmes that embed some of our newest developments such as; Sharepoint Integration, Smart Recruitment Solutions & Document Extractor. Our Smart Solutions suite of ACT Development apps is just another unique string to our bow and one that makes Embridge Consulting stand out from the crowd.

Service growth

Our U4BW consultancy team has been an obvious area of growth with the recruitment of 5 new dedicated experts to boost the already highly qualified crew. As more and more customers look to upgrade their current systems, our team has been super busy successfully moving clients onto the new MS7 version. All dancing and singing upgrades make for happy customers!

2019 has seen a huge demand for Training within the U4BW space and a challenge that Embridge Consulting has grabbed with both hands, strapped to its’ back and jumped into. The IUAG conference both last year and this year highlighted the gaping chasm when it came to skilling users up, and it soon became apparent that this was not just specific to Ireland.

With the recruitment of 2 new Training consultants that have more ERP knowledge between them than you can shake a stick at, we launched our Public Training Courses as part of our Learning and Training Services. To date we have run several courses in The Republic of Ireland, Bristol and Kent with future upcoming public courses available at either of our Bristol and Kent offices, virtual or on site upon request. Check out our upcoming extensive range of available courses and get yourself and team skilled up so that you can boss your system to the max!

Partnerships & Business Growth Strategy

An established Unit4 partner since 2015 (the 1st Systems Integrator partner for UK and Ireland), Embridge Consulting has entered into more strategic partnership with both Unit4 and Hireserve during the 3rd quarter of 2019.

Always open to new collaborations and the mutual benefits that come with new partnerships, we are currently knee deep in partnership discussions with some other key vendors and hope to be finalising agreements and making an announcement soon. We’re itching to reveal more, but then we’d have to kill you and frankly there are just too many of you, so sit tight and watch this space!

We have been working with our Non-Executive Director Anthony Thompson from Elephants Child implementing our DRIVE 2021 Business Growth Plan. We are just 12 months in on the initiative and with our first year under our belt, keeping pace and on target.

With the infrastructure now implemented to enable the growth we are aspiring to over the next few years, we are now focused on the next 365 days to ensure continuity of the plan, stay on track and ultimately reach the next humungous milestone by the end of 2020.

Delivering Standards

Following recognised quality management standards and backing these with accreditations has always been important to us as a company. If our reputation is to be your assurance of quality, we need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

This year we have retained our ISO9001 accreditation and in addition to this also attained our ISO27001. A huge nod to our quality management processes and the risk management of secure information and data.

Embridge are proud to have progressed from a Disability Committed Employer and have now achieved Disability Confident Employer status, a recognised UK Government scheme that encourages employers to think differently about disability, when recruiting, retaining and developing disabled people. We love our diverse and inclusive approach when it comes to recruiting and absolutely champion our recognised status.

We have also heavily invested in our people during 2019 when it comes to their professional development, enabling them to reach the required certification status within the fields they are currently working and areas they want to develop in.

Embridge Consulting now have a total of 42 UBW certifications spread across the consultancy– KERCHING!

Over the past 12 months there were a total of 16 certifications achieved, split across 8 separate certification exams:

3 in H2R

1 in Procurement

1 in Planner

3 in Sales orders

3 in Payroll

1 in Project Lifecycle

2 In R2R

2 in Accounts Receivable

and finally…

2019 was the Embridge Extravaganza 10 Year anniversary since Embridge opened its door in 2009.

One of the ways in which we (er-hum the CEO, Emma O’Brien) wanted to celebrate our momentous milestone, was to raise money for a charitable cause and so the 150 Miles in 31 Days challenge was born.



The Embridge team were challenged to covering at least 150 miles (the distance between our Bristol and Kent offices) during the month of July (31 days) by donating time through exercise and collectively banking miles. The team set out in gusto, working in teams, independently or just cheering from the side lines. Exercise challenges included a group 10 mile walk, a mountain hike, an inter-office static bike relay and one eager beaver covered the 150 miles all by themselves! Our democratically chosen charity was Mind and we ended up covering an impressive 468 miles in total and raised £550. Our Just Giving page for Mind is still live, so it’s not too late to make a donation to this incredibly worthy and important cause if you can.

As a way of saying thank you to some of our most long standing and loyal clients, Embridge Management treated a few guests to a luxury river dinner cruise along the infamous River Thames on the majestically crafted Glass Room boat. A fun night was had by all, followed by a few sore heads come the morning!

Lastly, the icing on the celebratory Embridge 10 Year anniversary cake was our nomination for the annual Gravesham Business Awards 2019 in April. Our very first business awards entry ever, we went on to successfully reach the regional finals in October where we were awarded the Runners Up for Large Business of the Year 2019 at a glitzy gala dinner event. To top that deliciously indulgent cake, was the ripe, juicy cherry in the shape of our very own Chloe Parfitt who was crowned the Apprenticeship of the Year 2019!



What a fitting end to our 10 Year anniversary!


And Finally, no really… finally….

The Kent office head-quarters up-sized to spanking new premises just a hop, skip and a jump over the road from the old location. Now occupying 2 offices, a huge 12 desk open plan space with enough room to swing at least 6 cats and the CEO squirrelled away next door in her very own executive space.



Comfortable, modern, professional offices just a 2 minute drive from the high speed rail link into London, which once it jumps to light speed takes a mere 17 minutes of your time!

Phew! An impressive, jam packed year for Embridge Consulting with absolutely loads brimming on the horizon of 2020. It’s been a roller coaster of a journey, but we’re all strapped in tightly and ready for the next Embridge adventure!

And that my friends, is officially, A WRAP!

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