3 C’s of ERP Development

Most great ideas come from customers. They drive innovation and development. Many new initiatives wouldn’t exist without the customer asking “Can your solution do this?” or wanting to solve a specific issue.

A very innocent comment a few years back, “Is there anything Business World can’t do?” led to a light-hearted reply that, “It couldn’t make coffee!” But this inspired one of our technical gurus to do just that…

As a Unit4 partner and a user of Unit4 ERP, we are part of the development process. We can help shape the software’s future strategy and direction. As part of the Unit4 community we want you to join us on that journey.

We are offering the ‘Three Cs’ sessions. These free hour long sessions with one of our development experts are geared at helping you find the right path to solving a problem or developing an idea that is going to push the current boundaries and deliver a solution that’s right for you.

During The 3 C’s Session we’ll:
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Challenge - the myth that development services can be expensive and complex.

We’re offering you the opportunity to discuss areas you want to consider for development: enhancing user interfaces; extending functionality; automating a process or integrating a third party solution.


Clarify - development doesn’t need to be part of a bigger project.

We will discuss your issue and help you understand what the potential solution(s) may look like; estimate the time and cost of delivering it and outline what role we could play in the process.


Create - the right path

Demonstrating standalone development consultancy can tackle issues head-on.

As a technical team, we have solved many problems for our clients, from simple fixes through to complex projects, some taking a few hours and some spanning a few months. However, all these innovations have one thing in common; they solve an issue for our clients that results in saving time or money, or improving efficiencies.

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Our ‘Three Cs’ sessions is a free hour session with one of our development experts geared at helping you find the right path to solving a problem or developing an idea:

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