Why use a template when developing elearning?

One way of developing your elearning content rapidly is to use a template. Using rapid authoring tools like Articulate and Captivate to create elearning is only quick if you use the tools in certain ways.

What is a template?

Firstly, what do we mean by a template? It is a set of slides that provide a consistency of style and features across several different types of screens, for example, the navigation will be the same, colour, buttons.  A template provides a framework to input your content. Once you have your framework you can add individual content to build your course.

Template Benefits

1. Consistency, especially if a team are working on a project. Using templates ensures fonts, colours even things like hover states are consistent through the project which reduces the cognitive load on the users.

2. Ease of use. Once you have a template it becomes easy to build your courses, especially for those who are just starting on their elearning development journey. See how quick and easy templates are to use in the video below:

 3. Templates put the rapid into rapid elearning development. You can build a course very quickly if your template contains basic designs for text, interactions, introduction slides

4. Updating your content is quicker and easier with templates.

5. Efficiency- design once, test your interactions, triggers etc all work then start to build your courses.

Templates are a great tool to an elearning developer’s box especially for projects that contain more than one module. Interested in using templates, don’t know where to start, contact us and we can help either by talking through our experiences or helping you build templates you can take away and use to develop your own amazing elearning. Contact us enquiries@embridgeconsulting.com

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