Finding it hard to stay motivated?

For many working from home has become the new way of working. While it does have many positives at times it can feel very isolating and your motivated can be impacted.

Here are our 5 ways to help you stay motivated working from home.

1. Dress for work

Keeping to a normality and routine really helps and this begins right at the start of your day. Making an effort to dress for work helps to mentally prepare yourself for a working day. It makes you feel better about yourself and shows others you are in work mode. Remember if you work requires you to appear on video calls you probably don’t want to be showing off your pj’s.

2. Travel to work

Keeping the transition from home to work aids in putting you into the right mindset for work. A quick 10-minute walk around the block has the benefit of exercise and can clear your mind ready for the workday ahead.


Walking through the park

3. Routine

If you are finding work a bit daunting or suffering from procrastination putting a routine in place can help. Keeping to a regular order helps you achieve what needs to be done and keeps you on track. Include taking breaks into your routine. Starting a day with a list of tasks and ticking them off as you complete them really helps with motivation.

4. Keep in touch

Working from home especially if you aren’t used to it can feel isolating. You miss the social contact that a physical workplace provides. You don’t know how much you miss conversations with colleagues about the latest Netflix series, what dinner was last night and how the dog is behaving until they aren’t there. Scheduling a daily zoom, teams etc coffee break call is a great way to keep social contact. The call is optional for people to join when they can. Other options could be after work longer calls with social activities giving you a chance to catch up.

5. Accountability buddy

If you are really struggling to keep yourself on track finding an accountability buddy could be the answer. This is someone who you check in with and they can help hold you accountable for completing your work. This doesn’t have to be a colleague. Choose someone who will challenge you to keep to your goals and likewise help to keep them accountable to their tasks too.

We have put these into a short video for use with your teams- contact us at if you would like a copy.