At GLAD eLearning we have been discussing the potential benefits of using animation in our courses. This week we finally took the plunge and invested in a well-known animation software Vyond.  We are now discovering the benefits versus our traditional elearning software. Not only has it brought a new look to our courses, it has given us a new voice too. Bringing a new dimension to a health and safety course on slips trips and falls.

We have found that animation can break down complex processes, visualising change, and creating focal points for our eLearning. Helping break down our learning into smaller chunks of information, which we find particularly suits the modern learner. Keeping it short allows learners to do a bit here and there. Which may help to achieve a better knowledge overall.

Vyond has some great animations that have really inspired us and reignited our creativity. The style lends itself to producing some amusing situations to build into scenarios in elearning and we can see this as a great benefit to learners engagement.

One thing that has surprised us in the office, is that the animated courses seem to relax people, making the content more memorable, bringing a new level of engagement from our wider team.

This has reinforced our thoughts on how animation within eLearning can raise engagement levels overall. Making it feel less of a chore and more of a fun thing to do. Which is what we believe learning should be about.

While we know it may suit all our clients. We will enjoy being able to make it part of our offering going forward.

Tags: Animation, Bespoke elearning, Scenarios

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