On 17 September 2014, we heard the exciting news that  Articulate Storyline 2 was released.

This created a buzz in the office and we were all eager to see what it had to offer straight away.

I love the look and feel of Storyline 2.  It is inspiring me to use it on my projects, and use flat UI design techniques with a clean look, using plenty of white space.

Storyline 2: Opening screen
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Storyline 2: Opening screen

There are a couple of little niggles: previewing and publishing projects seems to be taking a long time. Another minor point, but one that is mildly irritating: frequently used fonts that you are working with disappear when you open and close Articulate Storyline 2 so each time I come back to a project I need to find the font I am working with again; it’s the most minor of quibbles I know.

However the new features on Storyline 2 outweigh niggles at the moment. Having better controls over editing especially text positioning is great and leading itself to a more professional look on the projects that we develop using Articulate Storyline.

Increased animation effects has caused a lot experimenting with different outcomes, pictures and shapes entering slides and moving to specific places on the screen; the addition of the motion paths can lead to a lot of interesting results, not all of them reaching finished projects as we experiment with the good, the bad and the ugly!

Some new features are really helping with cutting down development time, being able to copy and paste layers is a real gift. I have also frequently utilised the eyedropper tool, it was there before but this time you can use it in a different way that solves looking for hex colours. The animation painter works in the same way allowing you to copy animations quickly across a variety of objects. Moving between slide and form view when building questions has really helped.

There are more features like the new slider interaction which looks good in our demos and I am just waiting for an opportunity to put it in a project.

Surely though the best time-saving feature is AutoRecovery; hurray! No more lost work!

There is no going back now, it’s Articulate Storyline 2 moving forward. Check out our new content coming, and if we can help you with a bespoke e-learning project using Storyline 2, please contact us to discuss.  You can email me at kfaragalla@gladsolutions.co.uk.

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