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I am pretty sure we have all noticed how over the past six weeks things have slowed down a little. The traffic to work is a bit calmer, the staff car park is a little emptier, you send an email and receive a multitude of out of office replies. Yes, it has been summer break time.

And then…



It’s the beginning of September and we are back to school, whoops I mean work. Even though we are no longer at school or college we still have ingrained on our brains the pattern of a long summer break and the start of a new term. Let’s use that back to school mentality in the work place and let’s get back to work!

Minds are fresh after a summer break (even if we haven’t had the opportunity to get away, we have probably been enjoying good weather and longer evenings) we are ready for the new term.

So should we be thinking about September as the start of the year instead of January when we are still full of Christmas cheese and wine. Surely September is the time to start afresh, our minds are ready to go we have had a relaxing break and people appear ready to start anew open to ideas and new ideas.

What better time to consider new training for your team, when people are open-minded and ready for the introduction of new ideas.

Seize this opportunity when people are ready for new things and to start afresh with looking at training you give your teams.

  • Is it still relevant?
  • Does it need a rethink?
  • Is it up to date?

This could be a great time to take stock and look at team development and excite people at what you have to offer in learning and development.

To help you with your online offering we are using September as GLAD (Global Learning & Development) month. We have a number of webinars you can join, special offers and we are opening the doors to our office 19 September. We invite you to come and join us for a coffee and a chat, we have samples of our work or we are simply happy to discuss any of your training needs.

Animation in learning
Exploring how short animation videos can add a buzz around learning for your organisation.

What online learning can do for you
A look at online learning and how it can benefit individuals and organisations and what we can offer to help you get started or enhance your current learning.

Compliance eLearning

Compliance training doesn’t need to be boring! A look at how compliance elearning can be affordable and efficient in keeping your team up to date and can even be engaging!!!

Missed the webinar – view the recording –

Hosting elearning via Cognito
A walkthrough of our hosted solution. An affordable way to make your training available to your people with the ability to track and record their progress.

Specific Unit4 Business World sessions:

Intro to Business World Modeler and Org Charts

View the recording here:
Get to know Modeler and organisational charts in this mini web session.

Creating Flexifields In Unit4 Business World
A mini web session outlining how to create flexi-fields in Business World.

Creating Dashboards in Unit4 Business World
A mini-training session about Dashboards in Business World.

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