Off the shelf or bespoke

Bespoke or Off the shelf eLearning

When it comes to using eLearning to train your employees there are two most common routes. Off the shelf, elearning courses are ready to go, pre-written and quick to set up. Bespoke courses written especially for your organisation. While you may have to wait, they will contain your own content, with your company branding and look and feel.  


Bespoke tailoring


With a bespoke course, you have the ability to control the content and its relevance to your business. Making sure it captivates and engages your learners. While reflecting your brand and your company values. You can tailor the language to emulate your organisations voice. Bespoke elearning is an investment in your organisation. You will have ownership of the course and content. You will be able to make changes, updates and revisions to your policies and procedures when you need to. Bespoke learning does not have to be long and time-consuming. Bite-sized or micro learning built to your specific needs can be quick engaging and fun. Targeted chunks, make it easier for learners to get the information they need, and


You may need to find a learning company that specialises in your industry. The process of creating bespoke elearning can be resource intensive. If you are creating your own content you might need to use a project manager, designer, and developers. If you outsource you may still need to provide a subject matter expert and sign off each stage of the project. Management on both sides will help you stay in control of resource issues from the outset Once built, your course can become outdated. Not all providers will include automatic updates. This could be easier to deal with if you have written it yourself. A small change in content might be straightforward to amend and rerelease. A bespoke course from an elearning provider may need more investment to update.

Off the shelf

Off the shelf folded shirts


Off the shelf, content is already built ready to go they and can be up and running straight away. If you are a small company off the shelf can be a good cost-effective solution to your training needs Off the shelf, elearning removes the need to hire a development team and supply content. It also removes the need for reviewers for your course.


Off the shelf, elearning will be generic to give a wider appeal. This may not be relevant to the way you work as well as being less impactful to your learners, The course designers will not have considered your business specific needs. So may not have the same outcomes you are trying to achieve Most off the shelf courses will usually be based on the number of users. It may also have usage rights or monthly/annual licence fees attached. so may not end up being that one-off payment you hoped for. At GLAD Solutions we provide effective packages for both. Our approach is simple we listen to your needs and help you choose what is best for you. We can add your own branding to our off the shelf packages with an introduction from your company. Our bespoke work is custom written, using examples relevant to your business. Our consultative approach has our customers coming back for more, see what they say.

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