Why your approach to learning should be blended?

And no we are not talking about mixing cocktails or smoothies but mixing up the training opportunities you offer your teams.  Blended learning is recognizing that to give the best transfer of knowledge and skills to your teams you need to have a range of learning opportunities available to them.

When blended learning was first discussed as a concept there was a focus of offering traditional classroom-based training with elearning. However blended learning can encompass much more than that.

To make learning most effective a wide variety of opportunities to not only take initial training but follow up, evaluate and catch up need to happen. Blended learning can help with this. For example an overview elearning module could be taken before attendance at a training workshop and followed up with a webinar Q and A session a month later with short bite-sized videos being released to employees a regular intervals. 

Blended learning fits into todays workplace cultures. It also recognizing that learning is not a one-off event.

Benefits of Blended Learning

You can reach a wider audience with more adaptable learning solutions like virtual courses and elearning.

Seat time is reduced.

Cost saving are apparent, with less time sending individuals away from their work to courses and incurring the costs associated with course attendance.

Tailoring learning for individuals. Having a variety of training solutions available means specific roles can access material they need as well as retrieving overview information.

Let’s take it a step further

Make it so your teams can pick and choose the type of training/learning materials they learn from to create a truly personalized learning experience.

  • Having a variety of materials available
  • Videos- to watch on the go, update on x before vital meeting
  • Documents – to look over the detail

Blended Learning Approach

Analysis needs to happen to decide which training approaches are best for different knowledge and skill transfer. For example overviews of new technology may best be conducted in a classroom environment and then on the job aids to aid in the detail of learning exact processes could be one way of approach using blended learning.


At Embridge we have taken that onboard and can offer a real blended solution for upskilling your teams on Unit4 Business World. That is why we have devised a blended learning solution to fit your requirements. We have:

  • Classroom based courses that can be delivered face to face
  • Virtual courses delivered straight to the comfort of your workplace
  • Elearning courses to reach all your end users
  • Webinars to explore features and enhancements
  • Videos to give a quick shot of how to complete a process
  • On the job aids like quick cards and infographics to provide just in time knowledge

We can tailor learning pathways to fit your users needs, using ready to go training materials or creating bespoke solutions.

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