CFG’s IT & Digital Conference

Charity Finance Group (CFG) support the Charity sector through championing best practice, nuturing leadership and influencing policy makers to ensure stakeholder donations make the biggest impact possible.

This year CFG’s IT & Digital Conference is being held on 14th March in London.  This is a significant conference in the not-for-profit (NFP) calendar and will play an important role in shaping the future investment in business software within this sector.

Our partner, Unit4, as a key player in the NFP marketplace, will be attending and on hand to answer any of your questions.

Rob Gethen Smith, Unit4’s global head of not-for-profit, recently wrote:

“For most not-for-profit organisations, thinking about investment in emerging digital technologies is a luxury. Many are still struggling with some basic, hefty challenges in this area: lack of investment, IT obsolescence and the technology leadership void.”

Rob Gethen Smith

Global Head of Not-For-Profit, Unit4

You can read Rob’s article here

The conference will focus on these important areas with seminars covering: ‘Making tax digital’, ‘Procurement of new technologies’, ‘Embracing digital change’ and ‘Emerging technologies’.

It is clear NFP organisations face certain challenges when implementing new technology. The need to evolve and transition will see them considering their next steps in their digital strategy.

At Embridge Consulting we already work with a number of NFP organisations. We hope to see this area flourish with the introduction of our Embridge Value Accelerators (EVA). By embracing industry leading best practice processes, EVA offers blue print designs and methodology that help us fast track ERP implementations saving customers time and money.

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