The Embridge Advent Calendar!

I am a massive Christmas fan. I love the build-up to the big day, the traditions, the anticipation and excitement. One of my favourite memories from childhood is the advent calendar. The Christmas countdown, opening the window every day to see the next picture (this was before chocolates behind the windows!).

So what better way to combine a love of Christmas and our passion for elearning and create an interactive advent calendar. Every since I have been developing elearning courses I have wanted to create an advent calendar so finally this year here it is. Unfortunately, even with great advances in technology, there is no way to open a window and chocolate will appear on your desk – not even Christmas magic can make this happen. But what we do have is a little bit of seasonal cheer in the countdown to the 25th, displaying different creative styles and ideas that you can apply to elearning as well as being some fun. I hope you enjoy it and come back each day to discover more. That’s right there is no cheating and opening the windows before the date.

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So thank you to all our clients and Merry Christmas to everyone, see you in the New Year!