Travelling on the train up to Birmingham to the Agresso Customer Conference – what better time to sit and think about my blog! There are many things that are happening at Embridge Consulting… where did January go? Over the next few weeks I plan to keep you posted on the roll-out of Agresso in China that we are project managing (that kept us busy last month with a quick visit to Asia), and the work we are doing on the 5.6.2 upgrade.

However, today I’m looking forward to present at the conference. Along with Wolverhampton University, we’ll be discussing what is the best way to implement the HR module – a phased implementation, or a big bang approach? I’ll be representing my client Sweett Group with the big bang theory!

The conference is about connecting which at Embridge we believe is critical to success. Connecting business systems, processes, and people, can help businesses become more efficient and save time and money.

Look out for our ‘after conference blog’ to hear all the latest news and topics!

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