Create Forms to digitalise your business processes



The digital paperless office has been a dream for many years.

Although we are reducing the amount of paper we use and paper is one of the most recycled materials in the UK today, we are still using over 9.9 million* tonnes of paper each year…

Did you know? It takes around 10 litres of water to make just one sheet of A4 paper*.


So with this in mind digitalising business processes makes sense. The benefits go beyond just saving money and lowering waste. They touch on many other areas including productivity, employee engagement, communications, and more.

This is important due to the way business is changing, especially in the wake of the pandemic where we have seen an increased reliance on location-independent employees and contractors.

What’s the challenge?

Unit4 ERP delivers a wealth of capabilities to enable customers to digitalise their processes. These include, but are not limited to, online forms, workflow, advanced reporting, API integration and automated update capabilities.

But we know, perhaps due to time, resource and know-how constraints, not all customers have been able to leverage this to optimise the value of their ERP investment.

What’s the solution?

The first step in digitalising your business processes with Unit4 ERP starts with the creation of online forms. Whether you are starting from scratch, or looking to extend or optimise your current suite of forms, we can help.

What support can we offer?

Training: Our Flexi-fields & forms course is a perfect way to get you started with form creation. Our 1 day course will introduce you to forms, guiding you through the set-up, ensuring you know how  to create your own, or extend your existing, forms.

Consultancy: Our expert consultants can be on hand to support you in creating and optimising any existing forms, streamlining the design and automating form completion. Set-up a 30 min discussion with our forms expert now.

Accelerator forms: Fast track step one of your digital paperless office journey with our suite of predefined forms. They support a range of business processes and are based on years of experience and industry practice. Acknowledging that every organisation is unique, we’ll work alongside you to adapt the forms to ensure they are right for you. Register you interest now.. We’ll take more about this in our next blog…


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