It’s holiday time and the only currency you really want to be dealing with is the one you are going to be spending on your holidays? Right?

Of course!

exchange rate loader for U4BW

But part of your job is to sit and manually upload all the “live” currencies into Unit4 Business World, it only takes a few hours per week depending on how many loads you have but then someone has to go in and double check all those entries for errors.

And you guessed it that one rate hasn’t been setup exactly how the International Bank has published it and so it has caused no end of problems.

Time consuming manual entry

So how do you solve a problem like currency loading….?

Simple – you purchase a solution that will upload those pesky exchange rates into Business World.  Done and Dusted!


Right this way...

Expensive?   No, not when you weigh up the amount of time saved, the reduction in errors = less issues and of course more frequent, accurate exchange loads means you are always using the most up to date currency rate.

A regular load could shave hours from your workload and literally add pounds to your balance sheet!

So, grab that sombrero we’re going to Ibiza!

Holiday currency

Errr… actually we’re not, get the app and the only time you’ll need to worry about Currency is when you next book that holiday!


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