Driving Cost Efficencies via Outsourcing?

For the last couple of decades, businesses have outsourced many functions, driven by motivations around cost and efficiency.

The UK outsourcing market is currently estimated to be worth some £2.2billion, driven both by big-name players including Capita and Accenture and SME’s such as Embridge’s Managed ERP (MERP) service for outsourcing application support of business systems.

However, it is a business model beset by controversy, high-profile fiascos and concerns around safety and value for money. But done right, business process outsourcing can prove highly successful for organisations, saving time, money and infrastructure investment without impact on the end-customer.

Operating in an environment which is increasingly challenging in terms of competition and finances means businesses need to find a model that allows them to focus on their core offering, but still ensure all element of the business are run effectively.

Outsourcing functions such as IT, payroll, marketing and elements of administration offers a cost-effective and flexible solution for all sizes of business and can better accommodate industries’ changing needs. And business process outsourcing isn’t only for large-scale organisations looking for mass cost-efficiencies.

There are thousands of small and specialist agencies supporting businesses to access niche skills on-demand without slow and costly recruitment processes. For example, small businesses often find that rather than employing virtual assistants can support their operation in lieu of administrative staff, and allow staff to focus on core tasks.

However, your brand relies on partnering with the right company to ensure that your work is done quickly, effective and accurately. Fingertips Typing is one such company which provides organisations of all sizes and sectors access to a wide array of skilled professionals – from audio transcribers to editors and proof-readers, and offers a quick turnaround to its clients.
Director Cathy Bennett said, “Our clients come to us with anything from one-off essay proofreading, to large-scale research project transcription requirements.

We cover a vast range of specialisms including medical, legal, academic and more. Our pool of highly skilled and experienced freelance workers deliver a skill-base that would be prohibitively expensive for most companies to operate in-house.

“The benefits of outsourcing can be derived by individuals as well as businesses. Working flexibly and combining several roles with caring responsibilities is appealing to many.
Cathy Bennett of Fingertips said, “Our freelancers come from all backgrounds and work according to the time they have available, at market-competitive rates. By creating a pool of this type, we can meet our clients’ and workers’ needs at any hour of the day. The flexibility of our workforce means we can pass cost-savings to our clients in the form of highly competitive fees.”

Cathy Bennett


It is clear that outsourcing business functions will continue, particularly as the UK economic future remains uncertain, and organisations seek to remain sustainable and financially-viable and reap the benefits of flexible services.

For more information on how Fingertips can support your business with your transcription services, editing, copywriting and proof-reading requirements, visit https://www.fingertipstyping.co.uk/

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