Embridge secures place on G-Cloud 11 Framework

We’re pleased to announce that Embridge has yet again secured its place on the G-Cloud 11 Framework.

There are many interesting facts associated by the number 3.  it’s the number of Trinity, it represents creation, completion and to many perfection.  In Chinese tradition the number three is a lucky number.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, we’re pleased to announce that Embridge has yet again secured its place on the G-Cloud 11 Framework (contract reference RM1557.11, Tender OJEU Contract Notice reference 2019/S 060-139229) making this the 3rd year in succession that our services have been included.
The G-Cloud 11 framework enables Public Sector Organisations to purchase Cloud based software and services as part of their Digital Transformation project without the need for long drawn out procurement processes.  With G-Cloud 11 many of the formalities such as contract negotiation and pricing as already been completed and enables buyers to complete their purchases in a more efficient and cost effective X.
In fact we were successful in being awarded a place in 3 areas:
Cloud hosting – delivering high performance cloud based network for your Unit4 Business World application.
Cloud software – delivering enterprise solutions, such as Global ERP, financial management and HR & Payroll solutions empowering people in service organisations
Cloud support – delivering expert support for cloud based projects, learning and development services and upgrade consultancy around your Unit4 Business World solution
We have a wealth of experience in delivering successful Public Sector Unit4 Business World ERP projects including reimplementation, upgrades and new implementations.  Clients include Hastings/Rother, IPSA, New Forest, Edinburgh and Lincolnshire Councils to name a few.

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