October 29, 2019 all-day
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Introduction to Unit4 Business World training 2910 @ England | United Kingdom

Introduction to Business World 1Day

This course is designed to introduce the key concepts of U4BW to new users.  It will cover the menu layout, the U4BW Cornerstones and basic concepts.

Chapter 1 : An Introduction to Unit4 Business World

This is an introduction to Unit4 Business World looking at the modules, menus and toolbars, the desktop and status bar.

Chapter 2 : U4BW Fundamentals

We look at key fundamentals of Unit4 Business World including account rules, attributes and basic reporting.

Chapter 3 : Enquiries & Browsers

Hands-on experience of simple and advanced setup enquiries and browser enquiries.

Chapter 4 : General Ledger Posting

We take a look at journal postings, coding, date entry and general posting rules and guidance for transaction entry.

Chapter 5 : BIFS and Postback

We look at U4BW Batch input foratter (BIF), format of BIF spreadsheet, format of Postback spreadsheet and all financial transaction balancing.

Chapter 6 : Sales Orders, AR and Credit Notes

How to create a customer masterfile, entering cash receipts against invoices and entering credit notes.

Chapter 7 : AP, Suppliers and processing Invoices

We show you how to perform enquiries.

The Course

Who is this course for:

As an introduction course, no prior knowledge is expected from participants attending this course.

Materials included:

Each trainee will receive a printed instruction manual and where appropriate, a training exercise book and Powerpoint training presentation.


£349+VAT per person per day 

Embridge NorthfleetTraining Location

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