October 8, 2019 all-day
Workflow Introduction for Business World  0810

Workflow Introduction for Business World Users 

Workflow Introduction 1Day

Covering an Introduction to U4BW workflow and its importance, its main elements/cornerstones of process definition, element types, distribution rules, users and roles, creating a basic workflow, and an introduction to managing workflow.

Chapter 1 : An Introduction to Workflow

We look at the Workflow process, terminology, its application, tables, service and planning.

Chapter 2 : Workflow Essentials

We look at Element typres, process defintions and tools, modelling, steps and distribution rules.

Chapter 3 : Creating a basic workflow

Hands-on experience of creating a basic workflow using our business process scenario.

Chapter 4 : Testing & Running Workflow

We take a look at entering Journals in U4BW, Workflow enquiries and maps.

Chapter 5 : Items to Follow Up

What is Items to follow up, triggering, the window and a Q&A exercise

Chapter 6 : Managing Users

How to support workflow user enquiries, subsitutions and workflow limits and supervisors.

The Course

Who is this course for:

Users must be proficient in U4BW with a good understanding and working knowledge of U4BW Backoffice and Web. It would be helpful to know/understand U4BW cornerstones.

Materials included:

Each trainee will receive a printed instruction manual and where appropriate, a training exercise book and Powerpoint training presentation.


£349+VAT per person per day (a 2-day course will cost £698+VAT)

Embridge Kent Training Location

Training Feedback…

“The training was excellent with a lot of hands on”


IT Manager, Workflow for Beginners

“Very good content. Well delivered in a nice small classroom setting”


Workflow for Beginners

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