Designed with the user in mind, these task driven mobile apps give access to key areas of your business, such as self service, CRM, expenses and Synergy.


Combining centralised company information with the ability to provide information on the go, the Exact Apps provide a great user experience for versatility, accessible and secure information anytime anywhere on your tablet or Smartphone.

Exact CRM app

Your most up to date customer information, calendar and  current sales opportunities on your Smartphone.

Exact Synergy app

Self service options along with access to customer and colleague information.

Exact HR app

View your payslip and personal details, even log your holiday or sickness directly from the app.

Exact Expenses

Take a photo of your Expenses receipt immediately and submit your claim.

Exact Field Service

Access to service history and orders, documentation and manuals.


Current Exact Apps available include:

  • Exact CRM app
  • Exact Synergy app
  • Exact HR Self Service app
  • Exact Expenses app
  • Exact Field Service app

Benefits of Exact Apps

Benefits of the Exact mobile apps is:

  • Access to information on the go
  • Speed up manual processes
  • Up to date information
  • Quick and secure access to personal information
  • Retains information on one place

Perfect fit for Business

Embridge Consulting is pleased to partner with Exact, a leading European Software house, providing a portfolio of ERP, finance and reporting solutions which together with their industry specific HRM and CRM solutions provide a fully integrated suite of Business Solutions.

Financial Management

Exact Globe and Synergy integrate your primary business processes with your financial processes.


Integrate projects, project budgets and hour registration in your financial administration with e-project.

Business Process Management

Our software shows you how your business is doing in a few clicks or swipes.


A complete software solution to record all of your customer data and communication.


Streamline your entire HR cycle in a single, transparent and centralised HR system

Exact ERP

Fully integrated, industry specific Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP)

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