A free workshop that delves into the challenges and pain points experienced in the Accounts Payable process.



Recorded Aug'20


On demand


Here are the challenges that our customers would like us to cover during the workshop:

  • Although we use OCR we still must manually check or intervene over 50% of the invoices processed, how can we reduce this further?
  • Enforcing No PO No Pay policy is a challenge…
  • We use multi company, each company has different criteria which has prevented the successful roll out of other solutions
  • Suppliers sometimes miss items on the invoices which cause problems post receipt of the document – for example if VAT is quoted the VAT reference number must be shown to make it valid, we don’t always catch this at point of registration
  • We require line level data, we use OCR to capture the main details and then manually enter the line data
  • Suppliers have pushed back on using PO Flip and portals, how do we ensure we get the adoption?

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Workshop hosts:

Mark Harris

Mark Harris

Business Development Director

Jeremy Phillips

Jeremy Phillips

EMEA Alliance Director

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