Meet Wanda your digital assistant

Everyone has come across Skype, interacted with Siri (and told it to be quiet!) and asked Cortana to remind you to pick up milk on your way home!

Business World has Wanda! Wanda is self-learning and right now has the memory of a fish, thus she’s called Wanda!

Wanda is a next generation bot, she learns, she helps get things done and best of all can even submit your timesheet or request your travel expense request…

How? The underlying technology is able to process natural language, combine this with pattern recognition, a breakthrough in artificial technology and the ability for the application to learn, users can now communicate using natural language and the application understands.  Send Wanda a text message, just as you would your colleague, to submit, request or help and Wanda responds.

Need a new Laptop, Wanda can help! She will ask you why you need it, process the request, follow up the authorisation and keep you updated with the progress.

Never has it been so easy to process a procurement request, nor submit a travel request.  Wanda is a unique next generation bot!

Now for the techy bit….

The Unit4 Digital Assistant is built on the company’s People Platform Premium Edition, which is the technology foundation for its solutions, whilst the Peoples Platform Premium Edition is available now, the digital assistant is scheduled for 2017.  You can meet Wanda and learn more about your new digital assistant by visiting:

How Embridge are leading the way with innovative solutions…

Embridge Consulting are at the forefront of new technology and embracing innovative new ideas.  Our leading edge, Smart Solutions were unveiled at the Unit4 conference last month and we can’t wait to show you the benefits!

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