Customised and branded to perfectly fit your organisation’s training needs. Because your organisation is unique, bespoke eLearning which is tailored to meet your specific needs can help get the most out of your staff.

Our innovative elearning, written precisely for your learners puts you in charge and maximises your return on training investment.

Our bespoke eLearning can let your staff recognise their compliance obligations, learn how to use your specific software, or understand your company’s culture.

Content Writing

Around 90% of our bespoke eLearning is written entirely by us. We are experts in assimilating new information quickly and easily, converting our understanding of your organisation into training that is ultra-relevant for your learners. We have worked on a diverse range of subjects, producing customised eLearning which has helped companies ensure that their users understand their subjects. We have written eLearning on complex subjects such as railway track rules and train maintenance to conduct risk and financial compliance. By choosing Embridge (previously Glad Solutions) as your bespoke eLearning provider, you can hand over the task of writing eLearning to a company who are experts in writing for this medium. We won’t take up lots of time from your subject matter experts either. Our clients often send us a range of materials, from quick reference guides and PowerPoint presentations to policies and Intranet pages, which we use to form an in-depth understanding of your subjects. We can then write your content without taking up too much of your SME’s valuable time. Let us take the strain of writing new and engaging content by asking us to deliver your company’s next eLearning course.

Relevant Scenarios

Scenario-based eLearning is an important part of your blended learning strategy. Old fashioned eLearning might force the user to read through several slides containing reams of text before completing a standard ten question test at the end. Our scenario-based eLearning ensures that learners fully understand and appreciate the subject. And we make our scenarios deliberately thought-provoking. When presented with different options, learners will find that the correct option is not always obvious. This aids the learning by asking learners to think and consider their choices, before learning how their choice can impact the scenario. The scenarios are tailored to your organisation, your business, and the challenges your learners may face on a daily basis. This maximises engagement, learning, and understanding by ensuring that learners are considering how their choices may impact them in their job, and not just how they can pass a piece of eLearning.

Bespoke Pricing

We want you to be able to budget effectively, so we don’t charge licence fees which vary according to the number of users who will access your eLearning courses, nor do we charge annual renewal fees. Instead, you pay a one-off fee and are free to use the eLearning across your organisation as much as you want. Get in touch with us to discuss how our pricing model can help maximise your return on investment and reduce recurring cost service.

Tailored Training

In the current climate, your L&D and HR departments need to get the most from your organisation’s human capital. Bespoke training helps improve your staff’s personal and professional development. We cater to different learning requirements, so each member of your staff can receive effective and complete training. Let’s maximise your human capital.
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Read some kind words from our Happy customers.
We used GLAD (now Embridge) to create over 70 eLearning courses that would enable staff and managers to use Unit 4 Business World (Agresso). We chose GLAD because of their flexible approach to delivery and their perspective on user-focused eLearning courses.
Sean Powley

BT Global Services

GLAD Solutions (now Embridge) have worked with us since 2012, helping to transform our training programmes and learning platform. They have developed engaging and interactive eLearning courses for our business needs, which helped us support the business so that our employees could learn new ways of working and new systems.
Andrew Woolfson

Reynolds Porter Chamberlain

We approached GLAD Solutions (now Embridge) to support the design of our eLearning programmes and were reassured by the way they were able to listen to our needs and provide us with advice on the best approach to take to ensure that the content was delivered in an engaging way but also that we would monitor and track completion rates. The finished products were highly engaging and we received great feedback from the users.
Scott Cullen

Southern Railway


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