Introduce bespoke compliance eLearning written for your organisation to improve regulatory compliance.

Use eLearning to improve your compliance

We understand that your staff need to know their responsibilities in various compliance matters.

We have written bespoke eLearning compliance training for a variety of organisations operating within a range of sectors. Courses we have developed for clients include data protection, conduct risk, anti-money laundering and anti-bribery.

We have also developed courses for organisations within highly regulated industries, such as finance, and we understand the importance of getting the content right and making it relevant.

Our bespoke compliance eLearning is developed specifically for your organisation, your culture and your staff. We identify the risks your staff face and write custom scenarios specifically designed to challenge and inform your staff as they work through business-relevant scenarios. Good compliance eLearning should contain a mix of informative case studies, nuanced scenarios, interesting facts and thorough training. By ensuring that eLearning we develop for our clients contains all of this, we make sure that learners enjoy the content we have created.

If your training will need to be taken year-on-year, you may wish to consider Personalised eLearning to ensure that training is adaptive and appropriate for each of your users, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Whatever your preferred approach, at GLAD we have a proven track record of delivering great compliance eLearning that works.

Our Compliance eLearning includes built-in tests and tracking to help you fulfil your mandatory training and reporting obligations.

Staff who are well trained in regulatory requirements are less likely to make a mistake that could cost you thousands or millions in penalties and fines. Protect your organisation with effective compliance training.

Bespoke Compliance eLearning

Our custom eLearning compliance training solutions can help with very detailed and specific compliance issues. We work with you to ensure that your compliance culture is understood throughout the whole organisation. Organisations choose customised compliance eLearning instead of off-the-shelf training to ensure the training package focuses on their specific compliance needs. So staff can comply with new regulations quickly and effectively. With case studies, scenarios, content and test questions written specifically for your organisation, you can trust that the training is relevant for your staff. Discover how bespoke compliance eLearning can protect your organisation.

Tailored Learning Scenarios

We build tailored scenarios into your Compliance training to really make the eLearning relevant to your workplace. Working with your Subject Matter Experts, we build applicable and practical scenarios that test your learner’s understanding in real-world situations. Challenging scenarios are used to personalise the learning journey. We understand that Compliance training is often taken at regular intervals, and some learners are familiar with the learning points. Demanding scenarios test their understanding and direct them to the gaps in their knowledge to ensure your organisation remains compliant in the training of your teams.

Auditing & Tracking

All our eLearning conforms to SCORM standards. This means you can use your eLearning on any LMS platform you wish. You can have automatic auditing and reporting from within your LMS platform. Auditing helps you stay in control and efficiently maintain detailed training records. You can prove that your staff understand new laws and regulations. Your company can protect itself by demonstrating due diligence. Demonstrate due diligence through trackable and auditable training.

Cost-effective eLearning

Brilliant bespoke eLearning does not have to cost the earth. When we create your elearning, we assign all Intellectual Property and Copyright claims to you. As long as you are hosting on your own LMS, there are no license fees, renewal fees or hosting costs to pay us. We simply charge a one-off development fee to deliver the eLearning for you. And we offer free minor amendments for up to six months after you have gone live with your eLearning.
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