Software simulation eLearning helps your team learn to use your software applications

Implementing new software or upgrading existing software?

To reduce the impact on output throughout your organisation, you need to ensure that your staff understand how to use the application straight away.

eLearning can support this, and acts as a resource which can be referred back to at any time.
Improve efficiency by increasing understanding of your applications

Your staff need to understand how to use the applications that are part of their day-to-day working life. We can work with you to create bespoke eLearning perfectly tailored to your organisation which will show your staff how to use your applications.


Application Training

If you are implementing new software or upgrading to a new version of existing software, you will need to ensure that your staff understand how to use the applications straight away, to reduce the impact on output throughout your organisation. eLearning can support this, and acts as a resource which can be referred back to at any time. If your organisation uses bespoke applications, we can create eLearning courses which will show your users how to use the software correctly. We have created eLearning for a variety of bespoke applications from document and case management systems to insurance underwriting applications, and we have a proven track record of understanding the nuances of applications quickly. GLAD eLearning develops eLearning courses, training users how to use Agresso (U4BW/Unit4 Business World), and our courses have been viewed tens of thousands of times by users learning how to use their new U4BW Agresso system. Send us an email to enquire how we can assist with your systems eLearning requirements.

Interactive Learning

We use modern learning techniques – based on the traditional Tell Me/Show Me/Try Me approach – to ensure that your users fully understand how to use your software to complete the various tasks required of them as part of their role with your organisation.

The Tell Me section outlines how to use your software to complete a task, or set of tasks. The Show Me section is an annotated video, showing how the application is used to complete the tasks that your users need to complete as part of their day-to-day job. Finally, the Try Me section provides a simulation of your application and provides the learner with a scenario relevant to a task they would need to complete. Working through the simulation recreating the steps required to complete the task.  Some learners will prefer to dive straight in and try the simulation. Others will prefer to read how to use the application first, whilst other learners prefer to observe how to use the application first before trying it for themselves. Contact us today to request access to an example course and see how our method can improve your staff’s understanding of how to use your software applications.

Improved results

The Try Me section doubles up as the assessment for the eLearning. Learners are first presented with a scenario, and then shown a reminder of the steps required to complete the task. They then work through the simulation of the application to complete the course. At the end of the Try Me section, the learner is given a score. The more times they had to remind themselves of the steps required and request a hint, the lower their score. We can work with you to determine a passing score for the courses. Optionally, this score is submitted to your Learning Management System once they have completed the simulation, and this is kept on their training record. The important thing is that you know that, by completing the Try Me simulation, the learner has demonstrated that they fully understand how to use your software.

Bespoke Approach

Even if you use off-the-shelf applications, you will benefit from choosing bespoke eLearning. Our eLearning is written specifically for you and your learners. We work with clients to understand the precise nuances of how their software is used so that we can translate this into 100% effective eLearning courses which are ultra-relevant to your learners.

We understand the challenges that your staff face, and ensure that our courses explain how to use your applications in the most efficient way possible. By branding the course using your organisation’s branding guidelines, and adopting your company’s language and culture throughout the eLearning course, you can expect stronger learner buy-in and better results. Send us an email to request a sample and understand how we can work with you to improve your staff’s understanding of the software applications they need to use.

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We used GLAD to create over 70 eLearning courses that would enable staff and managers to use Unit 4 Business World (Agresso). We chose GLAD because of their flexible approach to delivery and their perspective on user-focused eLearning courses.
Sean Powley

BT Global Services

GLAD Solutions have worked with us since 2012, helping to transform our training programmes and learning platform. They have developed engaging and interactive eLearning courses for our business needs, which helped us support the business so that our employees could learn new ways of working and new systems.
Andrew Woolfson

Reynolds Porter Chamberlain

We approached GLAD Solutions to support the design of our eLearning programmes and were reassured by the way they were able to listen to our needs and provide us with advice on the best approach to take to ensure that the content was delivered in an engaging way but also that we would monitor and track completion rates. The finished products were highly engaging and we received great feedback from the users.
Scott Cullen

Southern Railway

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