Business World On!

When Emma O’Brien, MD and founder of Embridge Consulting commented “We pursue creative ideas that have the potential to change the world” exactly what did she mean…?

Well, it’s about bringing innovative solutions to market; a desire to provide customers with solutions that deliver great results quickly and without the expense of complex bespoke customisation; it’s about cutting edge technology and applications that will help you work smarter, literally changing the world in which we are working.

That’s why when Unit4 announced Business World On! The Embridge Team got excited at the very prospect of this next generation ERP solution.

Self Driving ERP is not a new concept to Unit4, being the first fully mobile ERP solution is! Providing a new generation SaaS to the Service industry is! And Industry specific solutions enabling differentiation is certainly forward thinking,

So why should we get excited about the prospect of this new generation solution?

Business World On! built on the Unit4’s People Platform Premium Edition is designed to address back and front office business processes for the Professional Services, Education, Not for Profit and Public Sector organisations so they can apply new thinking, new strategies, and new actions to address opportunities and challenges.

Self driving solutions powered by predictive, event-centric and pattern recognition technologies aim to free people from repetitive tasks and divert their time to focus on high value activities. Business World On! and Wanda, is, without doubt one of those ground breaking innovations that will inevitably improve the user experience, save time and drive those business efficiencies we’ve all been waiting for.

Isn’t it about time you put “People first” and test drive the next generation ERP with Embridge Consulting’s help…

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