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Embridge Consulting, an independent consultancy specialising in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, training and projects today announced a strengthened partnership with Recruitment software provider Hireserve.

Working in partnership since 2017, today’s announcement centres on a formal reseller agreement between the two organisations.

With a proven track record of excellence in project management, Embridge Consulting will work in collaboration with Hireserve to further enhance customer implementation services and experience. Hireserve’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS), meanwhile, is positioned as Embridge Consulting’s technology partner of choice.

Working closely together from pre-sales through to Go Live, this combined approach will enable both organisations to deliver a streamlined experience to clients, underpinned by exceptional service, project management and technology.

“Collaborating with Hireserve over the years, it is clear that we both share similar values and an approach to customer relationships centred on exceptional customer care and service. I am thrilled to strengthen our technology offering to clients with Hireserve ATS, which is a highly reputable and powerful Applicant Tracking System.”

Emma O’Brien

CEO, Embridge Consulting

Embridge Consulting offers a portfolio of services spanning system selection and project management, to implementation, training and Application Support (Managed ERP). The organisation works across multiple global projects and specialises in delivering smart solutions in an efficient and effective manner.

Established in 1997, Hireserve provides applicant tracking technology to a diverse range of organisations. Hireserve ATS enables in-house recruitment teams to manage their end-to-end recruitment process online, from job creation through to offer.

“We have worked in collaboration with Embridge Consulting for a number of years, and I am delighted that our partnership has been further formalised today. It makes utter sense to build on one another’s strengths; Embridge’s experience of systems implementation and our joint focus on customer success will enable us to deliver an ever-higher level of service and project management to our customers during their implementation phase.”

Karen Ovenden

Joint MD, Hireserve

Both Hireserve and Embridge Consulting are independent UK businesses which share similar values and a collaborative approach to building professional relationships. Through this partnership, both will benefit from the opportunity to reach a wider potential customer base and strengthen both their service and technology offerings.

Both Hireserve and Embridge Consulting are part of the Unit4 partner community. 

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