Hireserve ATS

Hireserve ATS core functionality is helping organisations to manage and streamline their recruitment processes. In addition to the core functionality there are essential tools to automate and improve recruitment administration and candidate screening and collaboration .

Hireserve ATS – designed for in-house recruitment teams.


Streamlined processes

Improved data accuracy


Highly Configurable

Automate Administration

Hireserve ATS

Applicant Tracking System

An ATS primarily helps your team by managing job adverts and provides a platform for screening and communicating with candidates. Read more about “What is an ATS” here.

The solution is designed to screen candidates, to easily identify top candidates, manage all interactions, organise workloads, save time and assist with data and reporting. Hireserve ATS lightens administration and provides a great candidate experience.

Hireserve ATS

HIreserve ATS provides you with the ability to track and analyse recruitment costs. Current system users have reported savings of around 20k per annum using the interview scheduler alone, as the scheduling is all automated. Check out the various features of the Hireserve ATS:

Reporting Suite

Using the Hireserve ATS Report Builder tool you can build custom report from the ground up, to capture the exact data you need.

Data Protection

Hireserve ATS is fully equipped to help you meet your data controller responsibilities in line with current Data Protection laws (previously known as GDPR).

Data visualisation

With the Hireserve ATS data visualisation tool, recruitment data is bought to life transforming reports into graphs and charts

Interview scheduling

Empowering candidates in the hiring process by providing self-service options in the candidate portal.

Automated reference requests

The automated reference requests feature in Hireserve ATS is completely configurable, allowing you to tailor your processes to best suit you and your team.

Candidate screening

This tool significantly reduces the amount of unsuitable applications you need to review..

Multiple job board integrations

Hireserve ATS can integrate with a range of job boards from niche industry sites to the big names.

Talent search

Hireserve’s intelligent talent search will return results not only from candidates’ online application forms, but from any documents they have also submitted.

Configurable application forms

With Hireserve ATS you can configure application forms tailoring them to your roles and process

Social Integrations

Hireserve ATS allows you to connect with your personal or professional networking platforms and post vacancies out to all instantly.

Integration with technology

Hireserve ATS integrates with HR technology platforms for a streamlined onboarding process and candidate/employee data transfer.

Candidate portal & Career site

Hireserve delivers a professionally branded candidate portal / careers site.

Agency management

Agency recruiters can submit candidates via the portal, ensuring that all your information remains in Hireserve ATS – secure and consistent.

Talent pool management

You can create talent pools based on criteria such as skills, experience, location and more.

Build different pools for various roles or areas of your business to help you source talent more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Recruitment SMS integration

Hireserve ATS integrates with a recruitment SMS technology provider. This means that you can send automated texts to candidates from your Applicant Tracking System.

Hireserve ATS



“We are always looking for ways to continue saving time and money for the Council and to increase efficiencies in the Resourcing Team. With this system, I am confident we can do this. The system seems to have an endless capacity for change.”

Lincolnshire County Council

“The Hireserve team have been consistently extremely helpful. Their support has been nothing less than exceptional”

Hireserve ATS works seamlessly with higher education recruitment and is trusted by universities across the UK.

Aberystwyth University

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