Hireserve ATS

Better Connected: Unit4 and Hireserve ATS

Embridge Consulting has invested in making these two applications work in harmony, removing the need for additional processing and duplicated data entry

Connecting Hireserve ATS and Unit4 ERP to deliver:


Streamlined processes

Improved data accuracy


Reduced data maintenance


Unified user experience

“We were delighted to have supported our client with the delivery of optimised end-to-end recruitment processes through the delivery of both our standard integration products and expert consultancy which has enabled them to leverage the capabilities of the Unit4 Extension Kit”.

Faye O’Connell

Product Development Director, Embridge Consulting

Successful integration story

Our client was looking for support with their recruitment automation project. This included the enhancement of integration between Hireserve ATS and Unit4 ERP.Our ready-to-go solutions were a perfect match for delivering user and vacancy integrations. Having been part of Unit4’s Extension Kit (EK) early adopter program, we recommended that the EK was leveraged to deliver the integration of successful applicants.

Our expert team were able to support the design and development of a flow that seamlessly transfers successful candidates, creating a resource record in Unit4 ERP. Our integration solutions, together with Unit4’s Extension Kit, have enabled our client to streamline their end-to-end recruitment processes – better connecting Hireserve ATS and Unit4 ERP.

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Integrating Recruitment

Enhanced Integration

Delivering an end to end solution which supports the complete Recruitment Lifecyle.

Embridge’s Integration Solutions lets you initiative and approve Recruitment requests in Unit4 ERP using online forms and seamlessly pass the vacancy to Hireserve ATS.

You can synchronise user accounts and leverage our Unit4 Extension Kit flow to onboard candidates into Unit4 ERP

Vacancy Management

Initiate and approve recruitment requests in Unit4 ERP and seamlessly pass the vacancy to Hireserve ATS.

User synchronisation

Create a new resource in Unit4 ERP and automatically create a corresponding user record in Hireserve ATS.

Onboarding applicants

Leverage Unit4’s extension kit to seamlessly onboard candidates into Unit4 ERP!

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