Micro learning is one of the most popular trends in elearning. But what exactly is micro learning and how small does a piece of learning need to be to qualify for micro?

Elearning could have been made to deliver bite size learning. Micro learning is a great way to deliver a piece of information, knowledge or recap a skill in a short punchy method. Elearning beats the traditional learning method of classroom/chalk and talk. The time it takes to gather your learners and settle them down you have lost more time than it would have taken to take a bite sized elearning course.

What is bite sized?

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Micro elearning is an approach to learning rather than a theory. It should still consist of learning. It is not just a video but some check to measure that learning has taken place. It is an approach to learning that breaks down knowledge into separate stand-alone manageable chunks.

For a quick piece of learning on micro learning see this video on you tube.

Why does it Micro Learning work?

Bite sized modules work well for grabbing attention and keeping it. The use of mobile devices to access learning content makes smaller chunks of learning easy to access.

You can use many micro sessions to build a suite of learning. Before your learners know it they have gained a variety of skills and knowledge through short bite sized pieces of learning.

Imagine building a library of quick to view content for your LMS. Your learners could use your LMS like Google and find short to take, relevant content. Appealing to our increasing need to have something available quickly, easily and now.

Who is it for?

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There is a lot of reference to bite size elearning is great for the Millennial generation. This is based on attention spans becoming smaller and the increased use of mobile digital devices. I would add don’t forgot us older (only just) learners we are also time poor and hungry to increase our knowledge and skills.

How can we help?

Our rapid development of digital content and understanding of your learners needs means your bite sized modules are engaging and interactive. Clients have used micro learning modules to recap and follow up on learning programmes, introduce new ways of working and new products. Micro learning helps to create a culture of learning that is pulled rather than pushed out to learners. Short, easy to take, relevant, choice will foster engagement and get your users returning for more.

Contact us to discuss how we can develop great micro learning experiences for you.

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