The Key to successful Team Building?

Keep Calm and DON’T PANIC!


With 2017 neatly tucked behind us and still basking in the glow of our best year to date, it was with high hopes and a little trepidation that Embridge set out on their first team building event of 2018.

Keen to keep the positive momentum going and to cheer up a dreary January, the Embridge offices and remote gang packed their bags and headed to the North Kent coast to converge in the historic town of Gravesend.

Cue some useful trivia that may come in use for a pub quiz… a town mistook to be linked to the burial site of victims from the bubonic plague outbreak in 1665; although this would appear to be a red herring as the name Gravesend /Gravesham was first mentioned back in the Domesday book in 1086 and before this, was a stone and more recently an iron age settlement from 100-300BC – don’t you know!

Anyway, for many, Gravesend has an air of Dickensian dank darkness and is the perfect setting to put the heebie-jeebies into the calmest of souls when being faced with the challenge of THE PANIC ROOMS for our team building exercise.

4 teams, 3 rooms and 60 minutes to escape each. Which team would be crowned super sleuth extraordinaire and break out of their rooms with time to spare?


In truth, none of it mattered, because the aim of the day was much more important than whether we panicked or escaped.
Team bonding brings people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork and one of the most powerful reasons for team building, is to get results. We have discovered through planned events that are fun and motivational, our teams build skills like communication, planning, problem-solving and conflict resolution. Key elements that are needed to maintain a harmonious workplace and develop us as individuals.




So all the while we were screaming in fright, frantically searching for clues or just joking about with the props (severed arms etc), we were unwittingly becoming a closer team, by gaining a deeper understanding of each other in an unfamiliar environment.

Networking, socializing and teamwork is proven to boost team performance. The Embridge crowd love a bit of in-house competition which is key to increasing production back at the desk and being able to recognize success amongst our peers, brings rewards beyond the office as we get to appreciate each others strengths, weaknesses and interests.
It’s a win win situation and all the while learning to communicate better.


So the moral of the story? Some of us panicked and some of us escaped our rooms but as we all trundled off to the local Italian to swap stories, hilarities, eat fine food and drink the local plonk, one thing was for sure – we were all smiling, we had loads of fun and we all learned a little more about one another! Team Embridge continues to ROCK!

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