Kickstart HR in 2021 With Our Handy Checklist

Year end is usually a time to start winding down. For HR professionals however, there are still a few checks to complete before the end of 2020.

Blog post by Louise Barlow, Support Consultant & HR Trainer, Embridge Consulting.


Let’s reflect on what has happened in 2020, what went well and what we could do better in the future. The following suggestions will hopefully help you to kick 2021 off with the best possible start!

Update your records

Now is a good time to review your Organisational structure to check that your restructures are reflected accurately in Unit4 ERP. Modeler makes this review easy by displaying your Organisational structure in easy to view hierarchical charts.

Unit4 modeler

Review processes

What hasn’t 2020 thrown at businesses this year? Embridge has seen urgent requests to implement tools, strategies and business change to support these unforeseen challenges. Now is the perfect opportunity to review those processes and solutions to identify more effective and affordable solutions to take into 2021!

Why not utilise Forms within U4ERP to capture data such as Exit Interview and Return to Work information?


Maybe some of your processes could be automated using work flow i.e. for absence requests that require approval. Alternatively, you may choose to use U4ERP automated notifications to prompt Line Managers to take action such as completing an Exit Interview or Return to Work Form.


Get ahead

Next year’s work schedules and holiday plans – Now is the time to make sure 2021 personal work schedules have been generated for all resources. And, most importantly to run the holiday scheme process so that holiday balances are updated (including any carry forward) in readiness for employees to book their holidays for 2021!


Analyse data

The end of the year is the perfect time to review data that you’ve accumulated in your Unit4 HR Module and see if there are useful insights that you can use in 2021. This may include:

  • What is this year’s workforce turnover rate compared with previous years?
  • Are there any trends in absence?
  • What was the average score in the evaluation feedback from training courses delivered this year?

Why not use the easy-to-use Analyser tool within U4ERP to carry out this analysis for you and display the results in a whole variety of charts and diagrams. Analyser can make it easy for you to identify patterns and trends over the year and can highlight some issues to be addressed for 2021.


Performance reviews

Why not use the Web Information Browser Tool to pull together a report on the status of your company’s performance reviews?

Information Browser allows you to very quickly pull together information in just a few clicks from across the HR Module. Once your report is ready you have the option to display your data by selecting a chart from a whole variety of options using the Analysis tool! This will not only help plan, budget and create strategies for the coming year it will identify any objectives for 2021 that have been agreed.


A gentle reminder

It may be a good idea at the end of the year to send a gentle reminder to all employees to check if any of their personal information needs updating in U4ERP.

Why not use a U4ERP automated notification to go out to all resources asking them to take a few seconds to click online and update their personal information via self-service?


MERP Application Support for HR Professionals 

Finally, if your HR department is needing additional help with any aspect of the Unit4 HR module, we have a dedicated support desk equipped with HR experts that can assist with setup and configuration, HR reporting, issue resolution, day-to-day processes or helping you get the most out of the system (introduce new elements / developments). We also provide comprehensive training courses across all HR elements to ensure your HR team follow best practice, get the most of out of your HR investment but also have the skills to develop and enhance your employee’s experience. Contact us by email or on 01474 555505 to discuss how MERP for HR professionals can help you in 2021.