Meeting up with like minded people!

This week our CEO attended the local business networking group, Gravesend Business Network which covers the area across Gravesend, Dartford and Medway.

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Local business networking in Kent

Many of you will have no doubt heard the Dartford Crossing mentioned frequently in traffic reports, but this (often troublesome!) thoroughfare is where the name Embridge originated – a little known fact that you may not have already known.

There’s a great number of other interesting facts about the area – did you know that Pocahontas is actually buried somewhere in Gravesend?  I certainly didn’t!!

Not that these facts have much to do with Local business networking in Kent but now I have your interest…

More interesting facts about the area...

Connecting Businesses across Kent

The aim of many of these networking events is to connect businesses around the area, providing a network of support, workshops and collaborations.  With over 3200 registered businesses and over 900 members, this is a sizeable networking opportunity for those involved.

This particular breakfast briefing focused on the exciting developments for Gravesend town centre.  Growth and positivity is indeed the way forward in these days of uncertainty.  Our particular interest in this, of course, is our rapid growth and to see how other organisations are adapting to change.

Ebbsfleet Executive Club

If one networking event wasn’t enough, Emma joined the Ebbsfleet Executive Club at the Ebbsfleet football ground that evening.  Again, the focus is very much on advancement, progression and redevelopment of the local area with the prime focus of the Garden City Development, not a million miles from our current office.

Again, the key messages that both of these events brought home were that Kent is “open” for business and there is keen investment in a growing infrastructure for future generations.

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