May the 4th be with you…

(part 2)

Author: Tiago Bruno with a little help from my (marketing) friends…

A  client who was completely and utterly frustrated with her system capabilities to the point that she felt it was not fit for their purpose, was exasperated with the way her system was processing a standard function on debt chasing. Essentially this client had the bowl of spaghetti experience!


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Spaghetti experience? Read part one of this 2 part series!

Whilst the outcome of the task was being reached successfully, the process of getting there was lack lustred and disappointing. The software is perfectly adequate, but can it be improved upon?

The Embridge Smart Solutions team then drafted a new TopGen screen using Agresso Customization Tools (ACT). Listening to the clients wish list and ideas gave us the understanding of how to customise the process to meet their needs without changing the core of the product. Our customization would not reverse what the system was doing but ease and facilitate the users experience without defacing the system’s core.

We gave this client the USER EXPERIENCE POWER! Cue light sabre!


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A regular BW user who came up with a brilliant and effective concept, that our Smart Solutions team were then able to develop and make a reality!

The solution? A new screen was created where the user could select and calculate some values and an additional button that would call upon standard BW procedures.

A small customisation resulted in a triumphant win for our user. While Embridge can do the technical stuff, ultimately, the user is feeling empowered and rather clever as confidence is once again restored within the system. So much so, it got her to thinking about further areas of her BW system that could be improved with our customisations. #inspirational

Fundamentally, customization is extending and adapting our current BW system, using a customization tool, created specifically for that, with some brilliant Norwegian forward way of thinking 😊

For me, these tools allow the developer to turn that last corner and fulfil the missing 10/20% satisfaction for the user and turn that bad review into a great one!

You may think that this all comes at a cost, but you would be surprised at what just one days’ consultancy can accomplish.

Embridge is super proud of our Not for Profit connections and one of our biggest clients, Shelter was searching for a way to populate automatically the ‘Description’ field while posting supplier invoices with information from the purchase order.

Their bowl of spaghetti was forcing the user to open a browser and search for PO information and then manually add the details within the description field. Not being a controlled field within the BW system, resulted in several users skipping this process or typing misleading info. Grrrrr!

Embridge was able to offer up a nice juicy steak as a solution and solve the problem, ensuring essential data was populated when posting suppliers invoicing.

One quick extension to the VP10 screen, accompanied by a sexy SQL query to retrieve the relevant information and ta da… the GL transaction transfers all relevant PO info at product level automatically. As a Not for Profit organisation, this was a cost-effective solution that was affordable and accessible.

So, spend some time analysing those pesky irritants that generate extra work, make your wish list and then give Embridge a call. You could make missing data or fix incorrectly populated fields a thing of the past.

Our objective – to empower, surprise and delight our end users by getting them to think outside the box as a result of a great user experience. With some simple Smart Solution modifications to your existing product, we can turn your average bowl of spaghetti into something much more exciting – like a succulent, mouth-watering steak!

For those of you that are happy to stick with your bowl of spaghetti, I can help you out too. Here is my trusty spaghetti recipe:

– boil 200g of spaghetti for 10 min

– drain the water and put it in a plastic bowl

– open one (or two) can(s) of tuna to the bowl

– add mayo at will

– mix well

Bon Appetit!

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