Unit4 Business World Solutions Architect – Permanent

Unit4 Business World Solutions Architect - Permanent Embridge Consulting is actively searching for a Unit4 Business World Solutions Architect to join our team either on a permanent basis.  You will ideally have over 5 years’ experience working with the...

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Innovation versus Reality

Innovation versus Reality By Tiago Bruno. While sitting watching one of my favourite TV shows, The Grand Tour, previously known in a former life as Top Gear, the delightfully obnoxious Jeremy Clarkson got me to thinking about how arrogant the technology...

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Gravesend and Northfleet Swimming Gala – sponsorship

Gravesend and Northfleet Swimming Gala – sponsorship As the company grows in size both physically and commercially, Embridge Consulting is becoming more and more involved and able to support its' local communities wherever it can. Whether it be supporting...

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One solution or two with your coffee

One solution or two with your coffee Creating the perfect cup of coffee takes some doing.  You are not born into creating the perfect brew but trained in the art of doing so. Likewise, when you create a technical app or solution, the recipe is there but...

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Seamless payroll implementation in 10 simple steps

Your new payroll software has been chosen. Your payroll implementation project is ready to go. But wait, the choosing was just the tip of the iceberg. Getting ready to implement the change is when the fun really starts. To view a sample of our...

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eLearning Sample Site

Elearning Sample Site Request your free access login to our eLearning sample site and in addition, receive our "how to manage your inbox" eLearning sample course, gratis, no charge, for no pennies... *By signing up you are agreeing to be entered into our...

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National Apprenticeship Week – You’re HIRED!

This week, 5th - 9th March, marks the National Apprenticeship Week 2018. 2 ½ years ago, Embridge dipped its toe tentatively, but hopeful into the apprenticeship market, a UK government initiative helping young people between 16-24 to take their first step up onto the...

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Are you one of the many who feel so tired you want to nap at your desk? Or have you called in sick because you can’t face the day after too many nights of poor or broken sleep? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, around 200,000 working days are lost each...

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Are you on the winning team

Are you on the Winning Team? With Winter Olympics dominating the sporting world over the next two weeks and with over 92 National Olympic teams competing this year, who are you going to be rooting for? Usual suspects, the USA are predicted to be the...

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Rather eat wasps than do your month end expenses?

Rather eat wasps than do your month end expenses? It’s one of THE monthly chores that gets left to the last possible minute, like a tax return hanging over your head and the clock ticking. So, why IS your expense return the admin process from hell? Time -...

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Four Courses and an LMS

Four Courses and an LMS Time to implement: Two months. The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) represents nurses and nursing, promoting excellence in practice and shapes of health policies. The Challenge RCN were developing a new Member...

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