Mental Health Awareness

Mental health awareness at work has been hot across all our offices the last few months. For instance, from raising money for Mind with our charity month in July; example courses on staying Hydrated during the heatwave; and ensuring we have a work-hard-play-hard social dynamic at work – we thought this would be a great time to create a suite of well-being courses for our off-the-shelf offering!

Our Well-being suite is a selection of micro-learning courses designed to help employers raise awareness of mental health within their organisation. Most importantly, these are great as five-minute reads on a coffee break, commute, or as a quick check in to re-align and banish any stressful thoughts. Tips on desk yoga, hydration and general mental health for a healthy work-life balance is covered in quick mobile friendly courses. A great offering for any small organisation that wants to help ensure their employees are both happy and content, as and when needed.

What well-being topics are covered?

Our Well-being suite offers you five courses, including:


Well-being at Work – an introduction to well-being and the effects that mental health can have on both the employee and the workplace.

Meditation – for anyone struggling with their mental health, particularly anxiety and stress, meditation is a great way to reset your thoughts for the day and bring in a positive attitude to your work. But, the best thing? Our course gives you tips on how to practice this at work, as and when needed!

Office Yoga – now we aren’t giving you examples of how to do headstands in the office! However, we have pulled together our favourite non-offensive poses and stretches to try throughout your day. These can be done at your desk, and we explain how they can help relieve any stress and ease your mind.

Staying Hydrated – this one some of you may have already seen from my previous blog ‘Staying hydrated is good for your Mind!’. It was our sample of this well-being suite that accompanied the heat wave (why go abroad when you can get sunburn in the UK?) and our charity walk for Mind. For example, take a look if you want to see exactly what these courses can give you and your organisation!

Importance of Sleep – how does sleep effect your mental well-being at work? This one can play havoc on your day-to-day life, lack of focus and zoning out can stop you performing at your best. We investigate tips and tricks to sleep better and ensure you are getting to right amount of Zzz s a night!

Interested in employee mental health and well-being?


Do you feel like you and your organisation could do with a little well-being support for mental health? If you think that these courses could add value and help your employees avoid the burnout, we have a special introductory price of £999 for the whole suite!

These courses can be provided in any format needed, including both SCORM and TinCan. They are fully yours to own and host on any Learning Management System (LMS) or speak to us about hosting solutions if you’re unsure and we can see what works best for you!

With no licensing fees and a great way to support the mental health and well-being of your employees, what are you waiting for?

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