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Remove the burden of integration complexity: Insights from the Unit4 Financials User Group

The Unit4 Financials User Group took place on the 13th and 14th June at the stunning Mercedes-Benz World and was attended by over 100 attendees on both days. It was fantastic to see so many Unit4 users come together. The two days provided an excellent opportunity for us to engage with users and learn about the challenges they’re facing.

Cloud migrations, data, reporting, and integrations were all hot topics, with a general focus on helping users understand how they can maximise value from their ERP investment.

Our very own Tiago Bruno delivered an insightful presentation on day two, emphasising the importance of having a data strategy and the vital role system interfaces play in delivering data quality. He also recognised the challenge many organisations face regarding managing their technology landscape. As organisations expand and look to migrate to the cloud, data and application integration can prove complex, requiring redevelopment, infrastructure costs and specialist knowledge to manage and maintain. 

With the explosion of cloud computing, SaaS products and managed services, organisations are beginning to think about integrations as they do infrastructure: a costly and complicated business component that needs to be rethought to ensure they utilise their digital assets, and the power of data, effectively.

Here’s how an Integration as a Service (IaaS) offering can help your organisation:

  1. Scalability and flexibility: IaaS provides unparalleled scalability and flexibility. It adapts quickly to dynamic business needs and demands, allowing you to scale up or down as required.
  2. Cost efficiency: Implementing IaaS reduces both operational and infrastructural expenses. It optimises resource allocation for businesses, ensuring cost-effective integration solutions.
  3. Seamless integration: IaaS uses tools and middleware to connect disparate systems seamlessly. It facilitates communication and data sharing between various software applications, platforms and services.
  4. Cloud-based solution: Being cloud-based, IaaS eliminates the complexities of platform ownership. It frees you from managing infrastructure, allowing you to focus on core business processes.
  5. Empowering ecosystems: Just as ecosystems thrive through seamless interactions, IaaS empowers your business ecosystem by enabling efficient collaboration between teams, tools and services.
Our IaaS offering powered by LEO™

Seamlessly connecting your on-premises and cloud systems and data, our subscription service monitors and manages your processes, keeps you informed with automated notifications, and provides the scalability to handle peak demands and grow with your business.

Whether you are about to embark on your journey to Unit4 Cloud, or are evaluating optimisation opportunities, get in touch to find out how LEO™ can harness the power of your Unit4 ERP data.

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