After 15 months of tirelessly working alongside each other on the Port of London U4BW implementation and with the ‘Go Live’ taking off this week, PLA thought it would be a fitting idea to let off some steam and cement the relationship with Embridge Consulting, by challenging our on-site team to a 5 aside football match!

At 12.30 today, the boys will be sorted from the men as the gloves come off and the boots get laced.

PLA’s finest and our very own carefully selected Embridge Consulting FC (AKA Paralytic Athletic), will take centre stage in the biggest rival match of the PLA history.

With lots of beers and pride at stake, this is a derby not to be missed and just to give the PLA home supporters a run for their money, the entire North Kent office will be descending in full force, poms poms, cheerleaders and bad language, to cheer our boys on.

Embridge FC Manager, Alex “The Legend” Williamson will be in charge for this vital fixture and early indications are that his team will line up like this:

Watch this space for the all important match results later today!

The results are in…

So we flocked, converged and cheered on our Embridge FC team at their 5 aside footie match against the mighty Port of London Authority in Gravesend this lunchtime.

Alas – today was not to be their day, despite a valiant effort by the Embridge squad. By half time, scores were looking fairly miserable at 5-1 to the PLA, but following a quick pep talk from ‘The Legend’ and a hasty regroup, our boys came back fighting and clawed back another 4 goals.


Final score 9-5 to the PLA, but whilst our boys came away battered and bruised, they held their heads high and kept the opposition on their toes throughout the game.

Everybody had a thorougly good time and it was a brilliant opportunity to demonstrate the strong relationships built over the past few months with one of our favourite clients PLA!

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