Are you on the Winning Team?

With Winter Olympics dominating the sporting world over the next two weeks and with over 92 National Olympic teams competing this year, who are you going to be rooting for?

Usual suspects, the USA are predicted to be the biggest collector of medals which will come as no surprise to most since the United States is one of the richest and most diverse sporting nations on the planet, but what really makes a winning team?

Large budget, large staff pool, a combination of both or something else?

Absolutely both large injections of cash and resourcing are going to be of huge benefit, but ultimately here at Embridge, we believe it’s about getting the right team together that really counts.

Putting people first is where we start.  We believe the key to a winning team is about getting a bunch of like-minded people working together, being creative, being broad-minded and thinking outside of the box. Numbers are important, but if you’ve got really really good people working together, you make better decisions.

Throwing money and staff at projects does not necessarily guarantee a winning formula. By creating the right environment with the right people, alongside investing in the right areas of expertise can not only produce a dream team but save money.

Embridge has been careful not to grow just for the sake of it. By taking our time and cherry picking the areas that we need to grow in, we are more likely to get the best return. With this in mind, we put a huge amount of effort into hiring the right people because having the RIGHT people is more important than having lots of people!

We are finding more and more that this is the secret to success when it comes to pulling our teams together. Whether it be for a huge or tiny project, it’s all about understanding the requirements from the bottom up, knowing when to invest in external expertise with our collaborators and ultimately having the ability to choose the right people for the job.


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