Happy International Women’s day from all the gals at Embridge Consulting!

From the top to the bottom, Embridge epitomises the strength and diversity that women bring to the workplace, which is reflected heavily within its majority female workforce, with twice as many women than men representing the permanent team.

With the MD and founder of Embridge being a ‘she’, we are also proud to celebrate on this fine day that 5 out of 6 of our managerial positions are held by women, which in itself is pretty dynamic and unheard of in a predominantly male dominated business.

Not a bunch of squawking feminists, just a completely natural and organic process that has developed as a result of a strong woman leading from the front.

We believe in equal rights, regardless of sex, colour, ethnicity or age and whilst our permanent team may be primarily female, our associate consultant pool is predominately male, so we have a perfect balance when it comes to yin and yang.

So it’s a high five from all the woman at Embridge on this International Womens’ Day; a place where there’s not a hammer in sight or a glass ceiling that needs smashing, because here at Embridge we are demonstrating on a daily basis the crushing of the invisible discriminatory barrier that prevents women and minorities from rising to positions of power and responsibility.

We’re leading the way!


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