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The General Ledger is at the heart of any accounting system and can also be known as the nominal ledger or GL. All transactions that are processed in the rest of the system are collated in the GL.  This information summarises the various departmental accounts and forms the basis for both management and reporting purposes.

The General Ledger for Unit4 ERP is a web based course covering all you need to know about the General Ledger including journal entry, templates, attaching documents and recurring journals.

You will learn the key fundamentals of Unit4 ERP / Business World that make it tick including the 4 cornerstones, understand terminologies and principles that apply to all Unit4 ERP / Business World and discover the new technologies and features in Unit4 ERP / Business World Web where you can now carry out 90% (if not 100%) of your work!

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Duration : 1 day


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Course content…


Chapter 1 : Journal Entry and approval


Chapter 3 : Parking Journals


Chapter 5 : Registering a journal


Chapter 7 : Transaction Triggers


Chapter 9 : Reporting


Chapter 11 : Year End


Chapter 2 : Templates


Chapter 4 : Attaching Docs


Chapter 6 : Recurring journals


Chapter 8 : Reversing a journal


Chapter 10 : Period End


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Excellent training provided; training manuals provided are to a very high standard.

The course gave me a clearer understanding of the background to the system and the way it works.

Trainer was an excellent. Very patient.

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