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HR – Training and Competence

Understand how the Unit4 ERP can support you in efficiently monitoring and identifying the skills progression of your staff, promoting effective training and development programs.

Duration: 1 Day

Level | Getting To Grips

Understand how the Unit4 ERP can support you in efficiently monitoring and identifying the skills progression of your staff, promoting effective training and development programs.


Learning and development planning is a key focus for all organisations where recording internal skills is vital for managing your workforce.

This one day course will provide an understanding of how to
record and maintain skills and competencies and link them to the Unit4 ERP’s training function so you can motivate staff by creating meaningful training programs, reduce attrition and plan for future forecasted projects.

Learning outcomes

The objectives of the course are to help you understand the basic structure of the Unit4 ERP Training and Competence module and its interaction with other components of Unit4 ERP including how to:

  • Create and assign competencies
  • Set up requirements due to training needs
  • Create a new course, a course schedule and assign delegates
  • Maintain a course including the status of course participants and the completion (successful or otherwise)
  • Set up course evaluation forms, distribute them to participants and how to evaluate the results
  • Register for a course
  • Run enquiries and produce reports
Delegate pre-requisites

Familiarisation – Hire to Retire (H2R) HR

Who is it for?

  • HR Administrator
  • HR Manager

Interactive workshop with an experienced consultant. All Embridge Unit4 courses are currently delivered in English.

Course Structure

Session 1

Competence Overview

In this session you will be introduced to competences which you can use in Unit4 ERP to record skills, qualifications, and personal attributes of resources.

NB: The competence module also forms the basis for gap analysis covered in the next section.

You will cover:

  • Overview of competence module
  • Competence types and competences
  • Setting up competence types
  • Entering competence information in Unit4 ERP Desktop
  • Entering competence information in Unit4 ERP Web
  • Competence enquiries
Session 2

Gap Analysis Overview

In this session you will be introduce to the functionality that allows you to analyse competency information held within the Unit4 ERP.

You will cover:

  • Looking at competence requirements
  • Looking at competence requirement rules and analysis
Session 3

Training Administration Overview and Course Setup

In this session you will gain an understanding of the Training Administration module and preliminary setup required.

You will cover:

  • Which courses need to be defined and what competence level can be gained
  • Allocate courses to a time slot and instructor in the course calendar
  • Record and monitor costing details for courses
  • Run a gap analysis
  • Register participants to the course
  • Update resource competences
  • Generate and send course certificates
Session 4

Course Scheduler Overview

In this session you will understand how to create scheduled course events pulling through the default information held against the course.

You will cover:

  • Creating a new schedule
  • Copying courses
Session 5

Assigning Course Participants Overview

In this session you will learn how to assign participants to a specific course.

You will assign participants:

  • Directly through Participants in the ‘Course scheduler’ window
  • By transferring resources from training needs.
Session 6

Course Maintenance

In this session you will see how to perform some course maintenance activities and how to update Unit4 ERP Competences on successful completion of the course.

This session is divided into three demonstrations:

  • Changing status of course participants
  • Update competence on course completion
  • Course management
Session 7

Course Evaluation Form Setup

This session aims to explain and demonstrate how to set up and distribute training course evaluation forms for a course event in Unit4 ERP.

Your will cover:

  • Set up the questions
  • Assemble the evaluation form
  • Distribute the form
  • Complete the form
  • View responses
Session 8

Registering for a Course

In Unit4 ERP, resources or managers can register themselves onto training courses where courses have been scheduled. Y

This session is divided into two demonstrations, giving you an understanding of:

  • Registering for a training course as an employee
  • Viewing and amending a scheduled course as an administrator
Session 9

Enquiries and Reporting

In this session you will be shown how to perform enquiries on information held within the Course Module.

Your will cover:

  • Enquiring to establish the course a particular employee has attended
  • Enquiring to establish who has a training need for a particular competence and course
  • Enquiring to identify who is waiting to go on a particular course because the course is full
  • Enquiring to identify a list of scheduled course dates for a particular course
  • Evaluation Enquiries


Premium Education training subscription

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Premium Education training is a people-centric approach to driving training and development by always learning; learning all ways. Our subscription-based training services gives the employee and employer a suite of Unit4 training allowing the flexibility to empower your employees for effective, efficient, and proficient use of technology and solution platforms at their fingertips.

More details about Premium Education will be coming soon. Watch this space!

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