Smart Document Extractor for Unit4 Business World – Trial

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Extract files from the Unit4 Business World document archive into an export folder based on the details of a browser search to allow rapid extraction of documents.

This is for a free 30 day trial (available for users of Unit4 Business World MS6 and MS7).

Benefits of the Document Extractor:
• Minimise time spent extracting separate files
• Compliance
• Flexibility to search across multiple indexes

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Examples of how you could use this solution:

Area Function Example
Accounts Payable Transactional Invoices received from a supplier (to Pay) - Money coming out
Accounts Payable Master Data List of Approved Suppliers and supporting documents (Supplier Contract)
Accounts Receivable Transactional Invoices generated for customers (to Receive) - Money coming in
Human Resources Master Data Appraisal Form Quality Review (several subordinates from a manager)
Human Resources Transactional/Master Data Subject Matter Requests from Employees
Projects, Costing & Billing Master Data Associated documents from a list of Selected projects


Further information

UNIT4 Business World provides an integrated document archive / EDM facility which allows you to securely store electronic documents. Document Archive spans the entire ERP system and supports the storage of documents against many indexes including but not limited to Masterfiles, Transactions and Unit4 Business World forms.

It can be time consuming to find and extract large sets of documents across multiple indexes.  That's because,  through the application, each document has to be identified and downloaded on an individual basis.

The Embridge Smart Document Extractor helps you to rapidly extract specified documents into the data export folder.  The extraction is based upon a user defined browser report, which gives customers the flexibility to specify the documents/document types they are looking for.

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Additional information

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MS6, MS7


On Premise, U4 Cloud, QTC Cloud

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