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Enhance your user's experience of the Unit4 ERP by learning to create your own tailored role based workspaces that provide meaningful information and central navigation to key system processes.

Duration: 1 Day

Level | Getting Advanced

Enhance your user’s experience of the Unit4 ERP by learning to create your own tailored role based workspaces that provide meaningful information and central navigation to key system processes.


Increasing productivity via centralisation of processing and the navigation to standard metrics is a common requirement across all of our customers.

This course provides examples on what can be created and gives attendees an understanding of workspaces so they can enhance their existing Unit4 ERP solution, allowing the management of team processing and reporting of crucial data to be devolved direct to the people that do it day after day.

Learning outcomes

This course is designed for users who are new to the concept of this central navigation tool giving them an overview and understanding of Unit4 Workspaces, how they work and how they are designed overall.

Using Unit4 ERP, we will cover:

  • Overview of Workspace
  • Setting up a Workspace
  • Using the Workspace

This course covers the following:

  • Dashboard
  • Contextual Actions
  • Portfolio
  • KPIs
  • Notifications
  • Custom Widgets
  • Information Browser Analysis (Chart)
Delegate pre-requisites

Familiarisation – Record to Report (R2R) Finance or Familiarisation – Hire to Retire (H2R) HR

Who is it for?

Finance or HR Super Users
System Administrator
Technical Support


Interactive workshop with an experienced consultant. All Embridge Unit4 courses are currently delivered in English.

Course Structure

Overview of workspaces

Session 1

In this session delegates will see examples of workspaces and how to set them up to allow them to create and manage this within their own Unit4 ERP solutions.

Overview of Workspace setup

Session 2

In this session we will discuss the following elements and how they can be managed to suit your own organisation:

  • Dashboards
  • Contextual Actions
  • Portfolios
  • KPIs
  • Notifications

Creating a Dashboard

Session 3

In this session we will discuss and show how to create and update a dashboard using the

  • Dashboard Setup
  • Dashboard Designer
  • Existing Information Browsers

Contextual Actions Setup

Session 4

In this session we will setup the contextual actions needed for the workspace navigation using the following Contextual Actions Fundamentals:

  • Action trees
  • The key data sources that forms the backbone of all contextual actions
  • Best Practice
  • Action types

Testing the Setup

Session 5

In this session, you will test your setup by:

  • Creating a menu point using the examples on the previous session
  • Changing the menu access setup

Portfolios and Information Browsers

Session 6

In this session you will see how to setup and test a Portfolio, add Portfolio Menu Points and attach information Browsers to your example setup.

KPI Setup

Session 7

In this session you will be shown how KPIs are setup within workspaces focussing on the following areas:

  • Information Browser
  • Table
  • SQL
  • Macros
  • Formulas / Expressions
  • Other KPIs
  • Updating and maintain KPI Schedules

Notification Setup

Session 8

In this session you will be shown how notifications are setup within workspaces to alert them of key conditions or events.

Custom Widgets

Session 9

In this session we will create a simple widget to show the potential possibilities of widgets, which can be any collection of data that we wish to view, in a particular order, much like webpage we view on the Internet.

Information Browser Analysis Widget

Session 10

In this session you will create an Information Browser Analysis widget and attach it to your dashboard to show how the charts are viewed on the workspace.

Premium Education training subscription

Part of the College of Reporting

Premium Education training is a people-centric approach to driving training and development by always learning; learning all ways. Our subscription-based training services gives the employee and employer a suite of Unit4 training allowing the flexibility to empower your employees for effective, efficient, and proficient use of technology and solution platforms at their fingertips.

More details about Premium Education will be coming soon. Watch this space!

In the mean time if you would like to know more email enquiries@embridgeconsulting.com

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All courses are delivered virtually, price per person plus VAT. On site training is available on request. Please read our cancellation policy and booking terms and conditions before checkout.


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