Case Study – Four Courses and an LMS

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) represents nurses and nursing, promoting excellence in practice and shapes of health policies.

Author: Tracey Adams


RCN were developing a new Member Communication Centre, an application which would allow greater communication between members of the RCN. They needed to ensure that, from the outset, everyone knew how to use the new system, and understood how to adhere to good data protection processes. On top of that, RCN required an LMS to host the elearning. The timelines were tight, but GLAD accepted the challenge!


RCN went through a tendering process and chose GLAD on the strength of our clear and concise proposal. We met with RCN and learned how their new communication portal worked. As this was a bespoke application, we went through some end-user training to ensure that we understood how the system worked. We also understood the technical requirements for their LMS.


We sketched out a modern, brand-appropriate elearning template which would be used to develop the RCN courses. RCN had requested four short courses covering how to use the new system, how to gain access, the importance of Data Protection, and how to communicate effectively. We agreed that this was the perfect solution for their needs.
We knew that they would need a flexible LMS that fit their budget, and we found that there wasn’t a solution on the market that matched all their needs within their budget – so we set about building our own!

Using elearning authoring tools, we used our tried-and-tested Alpha-Beta-Gold development process. We first designed a proof of concept and prototype to ensure the client was delighted with the design. At the same time, our content authors wrote some course outlines, and then a series of storyboards. After approval, we went straight to Alpha-Beta-Gold versions of the course. We met our client’s expectations with smaller than 5% of changes at each stage.
At the same time, we built an LMS, specifically for them, that would later become Cognito365. Using the latest SCORM technologies, including xAPI (Tin Can), we provided real-time reporting information and custom email notifications..

We set about designing and building the course. Branding was key, because Instinet wanted to show employees that this course was delivered specifically for them. Working from Instinet’s branding guidelines, we designed a bespoke template which was used to rapidly develop elearning courses for them. The build itself was relatively quick and went through several iterations before the client signed it off. The course focused on conduct risk culture and how every employee had a part to play.


The client was delighted with the results and our super-fast turnaround times. From kick-off to delivery, we built four elearning courses and developed a new LMS from scratch in just under two months!

The project has been a success with hundreds of members taking the training, and as a result now have access to an effective communication tool to use. And we create an affordable and simple LMS solution to offer to clients who don’t currently have an existing LMS.