Purchase the Gcon4 MFL tool before 25th May 2018

GDPR is causing big headlines on the news, in your inbox and on the web at the moment. There is no getting away from it!

Is your data safe? I’m sure every time you receive an email with a header emblazoned with those big bold letters of G D P R, you can’t help but give a long sigh of resignation?

We understand that GDPR is vital to UK business, and in fact, many of us already have a handle on this sensitive topic. Maybe, like us, you have been looking after your client and individuals data securely and safely for some time now and work hard to ensure that data security is not breached.

So, this blog post is not going to verse you in the top ten GDPR tips, or the where and wherefores of what you need to do next; we are going to offer a break from the norm.

If you are considering the enormity of the data migration you are faced with to become GDPR compliant, the good people over at Gcon4, where data really is their bread and butter, thought it would be a great opportunity to make an offer you can’t refuse when it comes to their data migration and maintenance tool GCON4 MFL.


If you purchase the Gcon4 MFL tool before 25th May 2018, they will give you a whopping 10% discount. Whether you’re at the start of your GDPR process, half way through or almost there, this nifty tool will be saving your day and at a bargain bucket price.

So, what are you waiting for…. drop me a mail to arrange for your free trial or your 1-2-1 demo and get your data shipshape and shiny for GDPR.

#SmartData #GDPR


*Offer available on RRP pricing and is subject to terms and conditions please email us at enquiries@embridgeconsulting.com for more information

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