For those of us that have been fortunate enough to be able to work from home over the last 5+ months, going into an office was starting to become a distant memory. The message has now changed, it is time for some to return to the office.

It’s surprising how quickly you get used to being perched on the corner of the kitchen table! The thought of going back to the office for some, brings up a myriad of initial thoughts; anxiety over returning to work, what will it be like, the fear of using public transport, will it be safe?

A colleague recently said going back to the office was like the first day of school. There is a certain amount of trepidation and anticipation.

What can employers do to ease their teams back?

As well as dealing with practical areas like carrying out risk assessments, ordering in hand sanitiser and installing one-way systems around the building, don’t forget the emotional impact on your teams. Communication is key. Ensuring your team is up to date and know what to expect will help allay fears. Even better allow people to discuss any concerns they may have.

At Embridge, we have discussed returning to the office and we have all had the opportunity to ask questions and give our viewpoint on our feelings. Volunteers started with a number of trial runs just to see how it worked out in our managed serviced building. Before the trial, a training module was designed and each volunteer went through that training.The Information reminded us of the guidelines on Covid19, what we could expect to find in the offices and what our responsibilities are. We have made this information accessible to visitors to our offices as well.

As a result of how useful this information has been, we’re offering the module to a wider audience. The information is in a short module that for a small charge can help in communicating with your team vital information to help stay safe..

How do I access, purchase and use this Return to Work module?

  • Decide how many users will access the module?
  • Will you host the module on your own learning management solution (LMS) or will you need it hosted?
  • Visit our module, select individual, or add the number of users.
  • If you select individual or company you will be set up with your user ID for our hosted platform: Cognito365
  • Or we can provide you with SCORM compliant files.

Call us on 01474 555505 for a customised or bespoke return to work elearning module.

Benefits of getting back to the office

Finally, remember the flexibility of working from home has many advantages, there are benefits of getting back into the office. Reconnecting with colleagues. Not just catching up on the latest Netflix series but the knowledge of what others are working on and discovering you can help or the impact it can have on what you are doing. The networking opportunities; being seen and seeing the potential of others*. The knowledge and skills we pick up from observing others at their jobs. Also, for those that had to homeschool/childcare whilst working from home enjoy that uninterrupted cup of coffee at your desk.

Welcome back to the office.