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Embridge Services
Technical Development

Technical Development

Innovation at your fingertips: Delivering a new age of Cloud connections and technology.

Embridge Services
Technical Development

Innovation at your fingertips

We deliver a wide range of digital services and solutions, building modern, feature-rich integrations, extensions, and applications that deliver measurable results. Big, small, complex, or simple – we provide innovations that our clients need, when they need them.


Provide enhanced user experiences and optimised business processes through customisation or the development of discrete web or mobile applications that integrate seamlessly with your system of engagement.


Gain actionable insights that support decision making and monitoring through powerful reporting and analytics. Whether you are looking for a static reporting output or curated dashboard leveraging BI tools, we’ll accelerate your time to insight.


Increase productivity and quality through the automation of manual and monotonous processes and routines.


Whether it’s a simple point-to-point connection or complex multi-step processes, we can take the pain out of integrations. Supporting bespoke requirements or building, deploying, and managing your integrations from our unified platform – you decide the model that’s right for your business.

Taking innovation one step further

Learn about more Cloud-based innovations and ground-breaking solutions our technical team can deliver for you on our Products map.

Discuss development ideas

We’re offering you the opportunity to discuss areas you want to consider for development; enhancing user interfaces, extending functionality; automating a process or integrating a 3rd party solution.

Identify possible solutions

We will discuss your issue and help you understand what the potential solution(s) may look like, an estimate of the time and cost of a possible solution(s) and what role we can play to resolve your issue.

Create the right path

As a technical team, we have solved many problems for our clients, from simple fixes through to complex projects, some taking a few hours and some spanning a few months. However all these innovations have one thing in common; they solve an issue for our clients that results in saving time, saving money or driving efficiences.

Embridge Services
Technical Development

Embridge Services

Industry specialists supporting public and private sector organisations, not-for-profit, health and higher education institutes transform their business operations and the reap the benefits that a digital first mindset can deliver.

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