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Business System Selection

Helping you make the right decision when choosing your new system

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For any business – you need the right systems in place to be efficient and effective at delivering your service or product. Our business systems selection service helps businesses make the right choice and allows their investment to give valuable return.

Looking for a new system

Are you looking for a new system, but unsure which is best for your business? Need a new system but just don’t have the person to manage this? These are common situations to be in – whatever size business you are. Often, there is a lack of resource to be able to properly consider options and a lack of knowledge to know what you need, and who can help you.

Unit4 Business World Support

Investing in a new system can often take a large capital, therefore it’s critical to make sure you know exactly what you want, and review the best products on the market to suit your needs. At Embridge, we offer this service as an independent advisor in the ERP sector.

Our business systems selection service includes:


Pre-implementation scoping and analysis


Identify and manage key stakeholders


Identify critical success factors


User requirements and specification documentation prepared for tender


Investigate appropriate systems on the market


Manage and evaluate tender process, observing specification and pricing


Co-ordinate focused demonstrations


Prepare papers for recommendation and attend relevant meetings for review

If you’re wondering how you could benefit from our service – just consider this:

Embridge has years’ of experience working with business systems and large scale global implementations so we know which solutions will have the capabilities to match your requirement. We have a team of experts that pull together a huge expanse of knowledge that you can quickly tap into. It’s about making your business decision easier and with a more robust foundation.

Things to Consider


We’ve first hand experience of implementing business systems, giving us first hand experience of any pitfalls or interpretations systems can present


Our team has been built from operational experience and can deliver clear documentation to set out requirements as well as having excellent presentation skills (these may be helpful when putting forward your proposal to stakeholders!).


The ability to project manage the selection process is key – our team work from a proven methodology so will be an invaluable resource for you.


We’re independent. Whilst we work closer with various specific vendors in terms of technical expertise, we remain independent and have a wider market view. We make it our business to know what the market can offer so we make sure that the right system is chosen for the right reasons.

When you’ve decided upon a business system, it doesn’t end there… you now have to implement it! Embridge Consulting can support you from selection through to completion. Our Project Management offering is developed for change and transformation projects like new business system implementation. We’ve been there, done it, got the t-shirt so know exactly what is involved and the resource required.

If your business is looking for a new system, or you want an independent consultant to review your selection – just call Embridge Consulting on 01474 338735 or email us here.



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Helping you make the right decision when choosing your new system.


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