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Provide on-going Unit4 Business World support to users, giving you a consistent, reliable and skilled team of application consultants.

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For any business running an ERP system, you may feel it is costly and inefficient to have an internal support function to support your users. You may also feel that you put your business at risk when your internal capability is absent through leave, sickness or when undergoing training. The risk of staff leaving, or the inefficiency of not being fully up-to-date with the software also has to be considered. Our Managed ERP service provides businesses with a consistent, reliable and skilled team of application consultants to provide on- going support to users.

Knowledge beyond our years

We may not have been around for as long as some of our competitiors, but we do have one of the most experienced Unit4 support teams in the UK.

Unit4 Business World Support

Three levels of support including triage service and liaising with software vendor.

Performance stats provided to management including recommendations for future training.

Are you concerned about how your business system is supported once it is live? How support is covered when employees go sick? Is your system monitored for errors? Do you have the capabilities to train new users, amend reports?

These are common fears, especially for smaller businesses. Internal support teams are stretched, working with out of date knowledge, and often haven’t the time or skills to maintain the system, the reports or their users’ understanding of the application.

Investing in a new system can drive a business forward, but once live, it is equally important to maintain it, the data and ensure that the users are getting the best from the functionality. That requires investment, something which many companies shy away from. At Embridge, we can provide experienced consultants to manage your system, train your users and monitor your data with a consistent team that is not exposed to absence or resignation. If you would like to discuss our Managed ERP service further – just call us on 01474 338735 or email us here.

Our Managed ERP service covers:

  • Support Desk – Three levels of support including triage service and liaising with software vendor. Performance statistics provided and recommendations for on-going training needs.
  • Managed Processing – Timesheet, month end processes and reports or areas causing processing delay in workflow
  • System Monitoring – Monitor server processes, system inefficiences and report queues with regular reviews of data integrity
  • User Management – Creation and management of new users, roles and leavers.
  • Training – Providing remote and on site training, user assistance and quick guides for new users
  • Remote ConsultancyProvision of consultants for fixes of functionality and minor report changes
  • Upgrade Support – Giving you access to the latest software development and functionality

If you’re wondering how you could benefit from our service – just consider this:

Embridge has a team of experts that have managed systems large and small over many years and have dealt with all the common problems. We can provide a constant reliable and consistent team to support your system and your users.

If you would like to discuss our Managed ERP service further – just call us on 01474 338735 or email us here.

Things to Consider


There are huge costs involved in retaining good/reliable application support in house


The requirements to keep up to date with software can be demanding


Cover for absence, sick leave and at peak times can prove challenging


We can provide a more reliable, efficient and consistent service


Always improving through accreditations such as ITIL


Lowering costs and covering a broader spectrum of services


We are experts in our field so can provide support efficiently


We can provide a completely outsourced model for supporting your ERP or provide your internal team with the expert support they need to deliver great results.


What out customers say about us…

Currie & Brown required an agile, highly skilled support and development function to maintain and enhance our Unit4 Business World implementation across multiple geographies. As Embridge had been instrumental in the implementation of Unit4 Business World within our business, we were confident that their Managed ERP service would be able to provide the high quality of service we expect. We have now been using Managed ERP for ten months and our expectations have been met and surpassed. Jane Dobson and her team offer an excellent, highly capable service and the feedback from our employees is overwhelmingly positive.

Chris Balmbro

Group It Director, Currie and Brown

“Embridge Consulting have been integral to the successful implementation of THT’s new integrated Agresso Finance and HR system. Emma’s project management skills coupled with her in-depth knowledge of the software have been invaluable.”

Terrence Higgins Trust

I am happy to recommend Emma O’Brien and her team at Embridge as a company that successfully implemented Unit4 BW, Milestone 6 for Shelter. They used their standard methodologies to assist us in replacing our existing finance system, taking us through Design, Build, Data Migration, System Testing, User Testing and Transition to live phases. We have subsequently engaged them to provide ongoing support.

They delivered the project on time and on budget, and were very professional in their delivery methods, and excellent at project management. We benefited from their repeatable methodology and their in-depth knowledge of Unit4 business World


Embridge Consulting kept the whole project flowing smoothly. Having Embridge Consulting involved was like having an extension to our IT department. They were quick to respond and help with any issues as they came up.  There was never ever any question of whose remit it fell within.  I found them extremely professional, they know their business and we were very impressed.

Port of London Authority



Our Services




Technology should align people and process, support scale and deliver on strategy.


Effective project management is at the heart of any successful project.


Experts in the full life cycle of training, from development to delivery.


Specialists in Unit4 Business World and Exact Business Software.


Providing ongoing helpdesk support to ERP users.


ACT certified developers & technical gurus improve accuracy and efficiency

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