Managed ERP

Managed ERP

Giving you a consistent, reliable and skilled team of application consultants to provide on- going support to users.

Our Managed ERP covers:

  • Support Desk - Three levels of support including triage service and liaising with software vendor. Performance statistics provided and recommendations for on-going training needs.
  • Managed Processing - Timesheet, month end processes and reports or areas causing processing delay in workflow
  • System Monitoring - Monitor server processes, system inefficiences and report queues with regular reviews of data integrity
  • User Management - Creation and management of new users, roles and leavers.
  • Training - Providing remote and on site training, user assistance and quick guides for new users
  • Remote ConsultancyProvision of consultants for fixes of functionality and minor report changes
  • Upgrade Support - Giving you access to the latest software development and functionality

If you’re wondering how you could benefit from our service – just consider this:

Embridge has a team of experts that have managed systems large and small over many years and have dealt with all the common problems. We can provide a constant reliable and consistent team to support your system and your users.

If you would like to discuss our Managed ERP service further – just call us on 01474 338735 or email us here.

ITIL Compliance

Here are a few other things to think about...

  • There are huge costs involved in retaining good/reliable application support in house
  • The requirements to keep up to date with software can be demanding
  • Cover for absence, sick leave and at peak times can prove challenging
  • We can provide a more reliable, efficient and consistent service
  • Always improving through accreditations such as ITIL
  • Lowering costs and covering a broader spectrum of services
  • We are experts in our field so can provide support efficiently
  • We can provide a completely outsourced model to supporting your ERP or provide your internal team with the expert support they need to deliver great results.

What our customers say

“Currie & Brown required an agile, highly skilled support and development function to maintain and enhance our Unit4 Business World implementation across multiple geographies. As Embridge had been instrumental in the implementation of Unit4 Business World within our business, we were confident that their Managed ERP service would be able to provide the high quality of service we expect. We have now been using Managed ERP for ten months and our expectations have been met and surpassed. Jane Dobson and her team offer an excellent, highly capable service and the feedback from our employees is overwhelmingly positive.”
Chris Balmbro, Group IT Director, Currie & Brown
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