Unit4 Business World (Agresso) E-Learning

Unit4 Business World (Agresso) E-Learning

Learn from our experts via our well established e-learning system

Ensure your users get the most out of U4BW

If you have or are implementing Unit4 Business World (UBW/U4BW/Agresso) within your organisation, we can help with the training.

We offer both standard pre-built or bespoke elearning courses on how to use the U4BW system correctly.  If you have been using Unit4 Business World for some time but are looking to upgrade, implement new functionality or train new members of staff then we can help ensure your users get the most out of using Business World.

Our U4BW courses can be broken down into individual steps…


Allowing a user to quickly find out how to perform a particular action and practise the steps.

Our eLearning customers

We have delivered a number of U4BW Agresso projects over 100+ courses, including work for Lincolnshire County Council, Reading University and Sanger.


Most notably, we provided 68 eLearning courses to BT, Westminster Council, Kensington & Chelsea Council and Fulham & Hammersmith Council. These courses covered a range of tasks within Unit4 Business World from the HR and Finance functions.  From booking annual leave to updating personnel details, managing long-term sickness and producing financial reports, our elearning covered all that users needed to know from go live.

The project was extremely successful and the elearning has been completed tens of thousands of times across the userbase. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your Agresso elearning needs.

The courses have been a success, having been taken tens of thousands of times in total across a user base of approximately 10,000. Where our system has been changed, GLAD has worked with us to keep the content up-to-date within a very short time frame.

Sean Powley

BT Global Services

GLAD Solutions showed tremendous efficiency and flexibility to complete the work on time. They brought on extra staff – at no additional cost to us – when project demands meant that we had a shortened delivery timeframe. Their professionalism and willingness to do what it takes to complete the project on time was hugely beneficial to the successful launching of our programme.

Christina Wilhelm

Avnet Technology

Embridge eLearning solutions


eLearning Design

Our experienced eLearning developers will work with you to create a template design that matches your company’s branding, whilst ensuring that great instructional design techniques are used throughout.


SCORM-compliant e-learning

We provide true SCORM-compliant e-learning. This means that you can use our e-learning on any Learning Management System (LMS) that you have in-house. If you do not have an LMS, but would like assistance putting one in place, then we can assist with that, too. We can even provide one for you.


Trackable Content

By using our e-learning, you can easily track completion levels of learning amongst your staff, which is a great way to track your return on investment.


Bespoke e-learning

We design and build e-learning just for you. Our development team will work with you to create business-realistic scenarios which accurately reflect tasks and decisions that your staff have to make, and then build these into the e-learning. This ensures that your learners have an immediate connection with the content, which improves learning.


Persistent Resource

One of the biggest benefits you will see of using our e-learning is that it remains as a persistent resource that your staff can refer to time and again. New staff who join your organisation after you have gone live with Unit4 Business World (Agresso), and existing staff who need a refresher will all be able to access the e-learning for hints and tips long after you have gone live.

Instructional Design methodologies

We use modern, tried and trusted instructional design methods to ensure that we deliver to you the very best that e-learning can offer. Typically, we recommend that you use a Tell Me, Show Me, Try Me approach, which gives users the opportunity to read and/or watch a video explaining how to complete certain tasks in Unit4 Business World (Agresso) before moving onto the Try Me section.


The Try Me section includes a simulated version of your Unit4 Business World (Agresso) environment and provides a scenario for users to work through to ensure they understand the steps involved. This works better than a test for ensuring that your learners understand how to use Unit4 Business World (Agresso), though we can include tests as well.


Our e-learning is designed with your users in mind. We ensure that the courses are clear, concise, and not unnecessarily onerous. We have received exceptional feedback from clients who have used our e-learning for their Unit4 Business World (Agresso) implementations and recommend this as an option for your Unit4 Business World (Agresso) training programme.

Standard U4BW eLearning courses – now available

We have a range of standard courses available to purchase including Timesheet entry, Entering Expenses, Experience packs: Expenses and Timesheets, Introduction to Unit4 Business World, Requesting Absence, Changing personal information.

Bespoke eLearning can be built for almost all U4BW procedures or processes.

If your business needs e-learning, talk to one of the team today. Email us now or call (0)1474 338735